Google and Gallup Address Computer Science Education in the U.S.

October 19, 2015
Report - Searching for Computer Science

Rapid advancements in technology and the growing number of professions that rely on computer science make it crucial for all students to have opportunities to become computer literate and to gain foundational computer science skills, such as computational thinking and programming/coding.

Aiming to reduce educational barriers, Google partnered with Gallup to research interest in and exposure to computer science in U.S. schools. Their report, Searching for Computer Science: Access and Barriers in U.S. K-12 Education, explores computer science courses in U.S. schools. This information enables policymakers, employers, and educators to adequately instruct students in computer science.

Results emerged via telephone and web surveys completed by students enrolled in seventh through twelfth grade and parents with at least one student in this grade-range. Grade one through grade 12 teachers; principals of elementary, middle, and high schools; and school district superintendents also contributed to the report’s findings. Each participant category amassed more than 1,000 responses.