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Here’s a sign of a more constructive debate on clean energy innovation

April 20, 2016

Climate change is a very large, very urgent problem. This has led to a peculiar and singularly unproductive fight within the climate community. Those who focus on the "urgent" part say that the overwhelming priority should be to deploy existing low-carbon technologies. We simply don't have time to wait for energy breakthroughs or miracles, they say.

Is Your School Ready for Education 3.0?

April 20, 2016

To help prepare schools and universities for this explosion in technology, iSheriff, a leading cyber security company, today released its latest white paper Is Your School Ready for Education 3.0?. Education 3.0 is an all-encompassing term for how new technologies, such as cloud computing, online video, and mobile devices are changing the way educators teach and students learn.