April 04, 2016

The United States is expected to be the most competitive manufacturing nation, moving China into the number two position by 2020, according to the 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index report from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte Global) and the Council on Competitiveness (Council). The rankings also reveal a shift among the world’s traditional manufacturing powerhouses due to the Asia Pacific region’s rising influence and declining strength in European and BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

February 24, 2016

During the State of the Union address earlier this year, President Obama said America should be “offering every student the hands-on computer science and math classes that make them job-ready on day one.” The president has likely heard what many manufacturing companies say: We need students prepared with the certifications and skills to be productive upon graduation.

February 07, 2016

Rep. Elizabeth Esty, D-Conn., went before the House Budget Committee February 3rd  to talk up her vision of an “innovation agenda’’ to help Connecticut and the rest of the nation rebuild its aging industrial base and infrastructure. She urged the committee and Congress to up funding for “brownfields remediation’’ — rehabilitating decrepit and toxic industrial sites in places like Bridgeport.

January 19, 2016

U.S. Department of Homeland Security investigations of cyber attacks on the nation's critical manufacturing sector nearly doubled in the year ended Sept. 30, according to the agency. The Department of Homeland Security's Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Emergency Response Team, or ICS-CERT, said in a report distributed this week that it investigated 97 incidents at critical manufacturers during its most-recent fiscal year.

January 18, 2016

The biggest news at this year's auto show is not about the autos at all - it's what manufacturers are planning to put in them. "Every automaker here at the show is launching some form of cool technology inside the vehicles, whether it's adaptive cruise control or Smart Stop Technology, or even utilizing 3-D printing to print out and create the interior of your vehicle," said Michael Caudill, a U.S. automotive expert.

December 22, 2015

It has been a tough year for companies selling technology equipment to American manufacturing companies. For the 10 months ending in October, orders for manufacturing technology equipment fell by 17.4 percent compared to the same period in 2014, according to AMT - The Association for Manufacturing Technology. It doesn’t look like things will turn around for a while.

December 17, 2015

‘When I look at DuPont and Dow I see businesses that fit together like hand and glove,’ said Edward Breen, chairman and chief executive of DuPont, ‘which gives us the ability to create three highly focused companies, because of the combined assets, capabilities and scales.’ The merger is expected to deliver $3 billion in cost savings through synergies and save $1billion in growth synergies. Ten percent of the cost savings will come from R&D. The merger follows depressed commodity prices and a rising US dollar, which has hurt Dow and DuPont.

December 13, 2015

Imports from China by Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer and biggest importer, eliminated or displaced over 400,000 jobs in the United States between 2001 and 2013, according to an estimate by the Economic Policy Institute, a progressive research group that has long targeted Walmart’s policies. The jobs, mostly in manufacturing, represent about 13 percent of the 3.2 million jobs displaced over those same years that the study attributes to the United States’ goods trade deficit with China.

December 09, 2015

According to the Democrat's campaign, Clinton's strategy would make areas that have seen or are about to face manufacturing job or plant losses eligible for so-called "Manufacturing Renaissance Tax Credits" to help attract new capital, businesses and jobs. The proposed credits, which are modeled on the New Market Tax Credit, include a zero capital gains option on long-term investments, as well as relief for renovating, refurbishing or repurposing plants, the campaign said in a fact sheet.

December 08, 2015

The United States is expected to become the most competitive manufacturing nation over the next five years, with the current leader China sliding into second position, according to the upcoming 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index report from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited's (Deloitte Global) Global Consumer & Industrial Products Industry group and the US Council on Competitiveness (Council).