Support From Future Employers Vital For Women Studying STEM

“In order to get more women in the pipeline and potentially in these organizations, to be creating the future innovations that are going to fuel our growth as a country, you’ve got to have more women graduating with those degrees. So you’re telling employers, here’s a way you can have a direct impact on the future workforce by supporting scholarships for women.”

Why I didn’t pursue a STEM education, but I hope you do

Today, I want to tell you what I wish someone had told me 20 years ago: Forget what you want to study.  Yes, that’s right, forget about the school part for a minute. Instead ask yourself: what kinds of problems do you want to solve?

8 inspiring girls making an impact on STEM and education

US teen Alyssa Carson is determined to be on NASA’s first mission to bring humans to Mars, currently planned for 2033. By that time, 13-year-old Carson will be in her early thirties, with almost three decades of preparation under her belt.

US needs more women in STEM field to stay innovative

To keep up with the new competition, we have to adapt. This ultimately means improving the education system to fully utilize our human resources. It also means including everyone in the innovation process. The STEM degree field (Science Technology Engineering and Math) in particular has a serious diversity problem; we need more women in the field.

Number of Women Rises 5% at Microsoft

The number of women who make up Microsoft's global workforce jumped 5 percent over the last year, although the percentage of female workers at the company still remains only 29 percent. The figures come from Microsoft's latest figures on corporate diversity, which it released alongside the launch of a new "Global Diversity and Inclusion" Web site.

Female STEM Education Promoter Calls For Gendered Tactics

While I would never defend pink and blue toy aisles or reinforcing gender stereotypes, as Joan Williams, the founding director of the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California, once explained to me, we have to meet the girls where they are. If a girl is into sparkly, attract her with sparkle science. As a friend on Facebook pointed out, "You know what is sparkly? Supernovas!" This is how my office approaches science with girls. I meet them where they are.

Read The Nasty Comments Women In Science Deal With Daily

"It's death by a thousand cuts. Every day you’re faced with some comment, some snide remark, some inability to get a name on a research paper. And with an accumulation of those experiences, women tend to walk with their feet." (WARNING: some posts contain graphic language)

Latinas in STEM: Making Bright Futures a Reality

Latinas have a bright future in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Latina girls love learning how things work. They love building things. They think it would be fun to design a video game or an app. Unfortunately, they have fewer opportunities and resources to make that bright future a reality. The Latinas in STEM Foundation is leveraging family, culture and community to change that.

Black women less likely to associate STEM with men, Tulane study says

Black women are less likely than white women to subconsciously associate the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with males and masculinity, according to a study led by Tulane University psychology professor Laurie O’Brien.

Race-Based Stereotypes Hamper STEM Participation Among African-American Women

Although black women were twice as likely to declare a major in a STEM field, more white women graduate with STEM degrees, prompting the authors to suggest that black women may face “unique barriers” in their pursuit, such as race-based stereotypes.

How We Solve the Tech Industry’s Gender Gap

There are many reasons why tech companies have a diversity problem. I don’t, by any means, discount that male-dominated organizations have a natural hiring bias, or that sexist “brogrammer” culture drives women away. Data clearly shows that tech companies do a worse job retaining (or promoting) female employees.

Are STEM fields more gender-balanced than non-STEM fields in Ph.D. production?

A new paper from the American Institutes for Research suggests that that overrepresentation of men Ph.D.s compared to women isn't a worse problem in STEM than in non-STEM fields, when preparation and interest are taken into account.

STEM and Women….The Next Big Thing

STEM, standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, has come to be known as the future focus of education. As the world advances more job opportunities in these fields open up and lie vacant, as there are yet to be qualified people to fill these positions. Kelsey Sheehy and others believe our girls will soon be the ones to take up these jobs as they cannot all be filled by, “white men or engineers from India.”

6 things you need to know about STEM

STEM -- the acronym for science, technology, engineering and math -- has sparked a nationwide debate about education, gender, immigration and the future of the U.S. economy. Here are six things you need to know about STEM:

Study suggests link between ethnicity, gender stereotypes and interest in STEM

The study, which compared white and black women’s participation in and perception of STEM fields, found that black women were more likely than white women to show an interest in studying STEM disciplines when they enter college. The research also shows that African Americans were less likely than white Americans to view STEM programs as masculine, which may help explain why the participation levels vary between the two ethnic groups.


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