How the Right Kind of eLearning Can Attract Women to STEM

STEM has traditionally been thought of as the domain of men, and “geeky” ones at that.  There’s considerable effort being made to redefine it to be much more inclusive, particularly to women.  Part of this involves creating learning environments and using teaching methods that include more “female” ways of learning.

Hillary Clinton pushes women and STEM, stays mum on 2016, at San Jose State

Clinton, speaking as part of the university’s “Unique Lives & Experiences” women lecture series, noted some 6,000 students are enrolled in SJSU’s engineering program but said women are losing ground in STEM.

Many Women In Tech Sector Report Problems From “Alpha-Male Culture.”

A culprit, many people in the field say, is a sexist, alpha-male culture that can make women and other people who don’t fit the mold feel unwelcome, demeaned or even endangered.

Early STEM Education Will Lead to More Women in IT

If the tech sector is to increase the number of women in its workforce, schools must develop robust, mandatory computer science programs in the K-12 education stage, according to a prominent advocate for women in tech.

Five-Minute Film Festival: 8 Videos to Encourage Girls in STEM

The fact is, women still make up less than a quarter of the STEM workforce in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. The good news is that there are some amazing people, organizations, and companies working to remedy this.

This Is Not Your Father's STEM Job

Instead of following traditional paths, women are using their science, technology, engineering, and math degrees to create new careers.

Mentors Help Create A Sustainable Pipeline For Women In STEM

There are also cultural stereotypes that young girls face growing up that discourages STEM career choices, and these biases often start at home at an early age.

Co-ed, Summer Tech Program (iD Tech Camps)

iD Tech, the national leader in summer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education for kids and teens, is spearheading a movement to engage more girls in technology and engineering.

Retro-style arcade games boost teens' interest in STEM

As fun as these games were, the chances are that you didn't learn anything (other than how to maximise your chances of getting repetitive strain injury). But now a new 21st-century arcade machine from a talented English teenager is merging the fun of its famous antecedents with a higher purpose of educating its players.

Women missing out on lucrative careers in computer science

The stubbornly low number of female computer science students in the United States has generated a pile of academic studies, ample hand-wringing and a wide-ranging discussion in tech and education circles about what can be done to boost the number of women choosing computing careers.

Women should embrace the B’s in college to make more later

The college majors that tend to lead to the most profitable professions are also the stingiest about awarding A’s.

NASA icon gives keynote addressing women's education in STEM fields

Mae Jemison, former NASA astronaut, gave the keynote lecture for the 32nd annual Women of Color Task Force Career Conference at Hill Auditorium on Friday.

Breaking the tech ceiling: Could early computer science ed boost women's ranks?

Even as women have made big strides in once-male-dominated professions such as law and medicine, they've been left far behind when it comes to computer science, a lucrative discipline that is a primary driver of the 21st century economy.

Women of Congress Promote STEM Education, Careers

“There is a disconnect between positions America’s workforce needs and the fields young women are pursuing,” said Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, D-N.Y.

Using Technology to Close the Education Gap for Girls

We use a number of approaches to ensure that vulnerable girls can benefit from the potential of technology to improve their learning, be better prepared for work and be more civically engaged.


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