NASA Sends ‘Angry Birds’ on Mission to Educate Kids

The new update to the 2012 version of Angry Birds Space, called Beak Impact, sends the birds and pigs through 40 new mission levels keyed into educational content for kids on NASA’s current work with asteroids. Gamers quickly get hooked into the puzzle missions that include real-life scientific data to lead the kids to discover facts about the asteroids and their role in the agency’s long-term plans to explore Mars with a manned mission by the mid-2030s.

Sally Ride Science Launches New PD Course: STEM Connections to Common Core

Today, Sally Ride Science announced the launch of an all new professional development (PD) course,STEM Connections to Common Core, training designed to help educators use classroom lessons in STEM to support specific Common Core State Standards. The course has been made available to all Sally Ride Site License customers for no additional charge.

How to Get Girls Into Engineering? Let Them Build Toys

Two Women Launch a Startup Aimed at Giving Girls New Options (and Maybe New Futures). In May 2012 they launched a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the development of their toys, which they dubbed Roominate. The idea: Girls get a set of pastel-colored pieces that they can assemble into a building or any other type of structure. Once the building is built, they can decorate it with the included paper and other embellishments and use the motor to add electrical appliances, fans or anything else that uses power.

5 important K-12 conversations on Twitter

Whether discussing the latest trends in STEM education, curriculum and assessments, best practices, or mobile technology, there are plenty of ed-tech conversations to follow on Twitter -- and lots of good insight for K-12 leaders.

Why the Maker Movement and STEM Matter

The Maker Movement is a sure sign education is changing, and fast. What could be more engaging than using a 3D printer to create a prototype, in contrast to a “flat”, two-dimensional diagram? Websites like Thingverse are like toy chests for those who want to dabble in 3D printing.

Exciting STEM careers and opportunities aplenty in the Navy

Students with a background in STEM courses have the opportunity in the Navy to work with some of the most awe-inspiring ships, submarines, aircraft and communications systems, develop unmanned vehicles and robotics that keep people out of harm’s way, and pioneer advances in everything from nuclear propulsion to biofuels or medical research. A STEM-related career in the Navy provides almost limitless possibilities for leadership and relevant experience.

California Shores Up Support for Computer Science Education

Computer science education is getting plenty of attention in the California Legislature, with four out of eight bills passing both the Assembly and Senate. And the state's efforts are part of a national push to bring more computer science into schools.

I studied computer science, not English. I still can’t find a job.

Businesses aren’t looking for college grads, they’re looking for employees who can actually do things-- like build iPhone apps, manage ad campaigns and write convincing marketing copy. I wish I’d been taught how to do those things in school, but my college had something different in mind.

Motorola Solutions Foundation Grants to Support 1 Million Students and Teachers in Science and Engineering Education

The Motorola Solutions Foundation, the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), announced that its 2014 “Innovation Generation Grants” will support over 90 organizations in the United States and Canada. These programs ignite student interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), as well as STEM-related careers for teachers and students, especially girls and underrepresented minorities.

Space Cadets: STEM Program Gives Students Control of Satellites

Starting Wednesday, students and teachers across the world will be able to control tiny cube-shaped satellites orbiting the globe nearly 100 miles above their schools, harnessing high-tech sensors aboard the devices to predict thunderstorms, solar flares and much more.

International Journal of STEM Education - a platform to promote STEM education and research worldwide

The International Journal of STEM Education is an online open-access journal that focuses on the study of learning and teaching in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It is being established as a brand new, forward looking journal that will add the multidisciplinary perspectives needed to complement current disciplinary-focused journals in the field of STEM education.

Georgia Governor Urges Computer Programming Satisfy Core Requirements For High School Diploma

He unveiled a policy proposal on Monday that urges the board to allow computer programming courses to satisfy core requirements for receiving a high school diploma. The move would place the programming classes in the same category as math, science or foreign language programs.

REU program promotes participation of students with disabilities in science

The Chemical Sciences Leadership Initiative at the University of Delaware, provides an intensive summer research experience to prepare students with disabilities to become leaders in STEM fields.

Space Station Astronauts to Speak with California Elementary School Students

Expedition 40 Commander Steve Swanson and Flight Engineer Reid Wiseman of NASA, currently orbiting Earth aboard the International Space Station, will speak with students and educators at Elliott Ranch Elementary School in Elk Grove, California, Wednesday, Aug. 27. The event, which begins at 1:10 p.m. EDT (10:10 a.m. PDT) will be broadcast live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.

The Importance of STEM Education for K-2 Learners

Traditionally, primary school teachers have focused classroom time on reading, writing, and mathematics. The push toward standardized test scores and knowledge-based assessment has encouraged this laser focus, but it means that in many K-2 classrooms science and social science get short shrift.


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