Computer education: Shouldn't it be part of high school?

Currently, only 19 states and the District of Columbia allow computer science courses to count toward high school graduation requirements.

Professors' research to improve STEM teaching

Decades of research have shown that the traditional lecture is a poor way to teach, and a group of University faculty leaders is planning to change how science and math courses are taught over the next three to five years.

Using Sci-Fi To Teach STEM

My big argument is that education happens when children actually WANT to learn, as opposed to when they are FORCED to learn.

Number of STEM Jobs, Majors Growing in US

The number of high school graduates going into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) related fields has grown since the start of the Great Recession.

How the Right Kind of eLearning Can Attract Women to STEM

STEM has traditionally been thought of as the domain of men, and “geeky” ones at that.  There’s considerable effort being made to redefine it to be much more inclusive, particularly to women.  Part of this involves creating learning environments and using teaching methods that include more “female” ways of learning.

The Value of a STEM Degree

Supporting your child in pursuing an educational path focused on STEM can pay off, as there is a high demand for individuals who pursue careers in these disciplines.

College students already know what STEM is about, but thanks anyway

I fully support efforts to increase STEM’s presence in primary and secondary schooling. We need to pique children’s interest in such career options as early as possible. Get ‘em while they’re starry eyed. Doing something about it once a student reaches college, though? Too little, too late – why bother?

Road Map Region’s Race to the Top ‘STEM Strong’ Takes Root

Washington State is known as a hotbed of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) jobs with employers like Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing and many more. Over the next decade, 70% of all new jobs will utilize the creative and critical thinking skills in these content areas.

STEM education gets a boost

State officials are joining with the Dow chemical company and Junior Achievement to strengthen science, technology, engineering and math instruction in Delaware's middle schools.

New science teaching tools shown at NSTA conference

Companies demonstrated products built around the Next Generation Science Standards and designed to engage students in science activities.

Lockheed Martin To Offer Real-life Science And Technology Experiences For Students At USA Science & Engineering Festival

As part of its ongoing commitment to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] will feature an exciting lineup of hands-on, interactive science and technology attractions for student attendees at the upcoming USA Science & Engineering Festival , where the company will serve as founding and presenting host.

Contractors have more than one pipeline to worry about

Evidence suggests our intake of job applicants with appropriate science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills will be lacking. U.S. STEM jobs are projected to grow by 14 percent by 2020.

Air Force Uses STEM To Propel the Future of Hypersonics

Hypersonic research and several young engineers are reaping the benefits of a pilot mentoring program at Arnold Engineering Development Complex‘s Hypervelocity Wind Tunnel 9 in  White Oak, Md.

US, EU Drop In Science Research And Innovation

America’s leading position in global science and innovation is slipping, according to a recent Thomson Reuters report on the performance of the G-20 world economies. If the trend continues, it may augur trouble for the nation's economic growth.

Demographics shift at Thomas Jefferson High as Asians make up 66 percent of new class

The demographic makeup of Fairfax County’s Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology continues to shift. More than 66 percent of the students in next fall’s incoming class are of Asian descent, with just 10 black and eight Hispanic students admitted to the magnet school’s Class of 2018.


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