Private Girls School Revamps STEM and Media Spaces

A private school for girls in Los Angeles recently converted classrooms into spaces intended to improve delivery of STEM education and media-related work. The Archer School for Girls, opened in 1995, converted the spaces to help its 480 students engage in engineering, design and media activities. The school worked with Parallax Architecture and Planning, a firm that specializes in the planning and design of educational facilities.

Two Of Three New Mexico Research Universities Mainly Graduate Liberal Arts Majors

At the end of the 2014 fall semester, UNM conferred 3,736 bachelor’s degrees. That included 236 in engineering, 272 in various health professions and 417 in science and math – about 25 percent of the total. At the same time, UNM issued 2,811 degrees in such areas as business, education and fine arts. Many New Mexico employers say it is difficult for them to find sufficient STEM-qualified employees, particularly in certain specialized fields.

How to turn more girls into engineers

In a recent New York Times column, a female professor at the University of California-Berkeley argued that more women will be attracted to engineering if they believe their work benefits society. Lina Nilsson, who has a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, also states that to increase the number of women in engineering, we need to reframe the goals of engineering research and curriculums to be more relevant to societal needs. As a female civil engineer, I find this idea couldn’t be further from the truth.

Best Jobs for Women: Think Science or Management

For young women setting out on their careers, the best path involves science and math or managing other workers, says employment website CareerCast. On Thursday, CareerCast released its list of the best careers for women in 2015. CareerCast looked at income and employment growth projections for more than 200 different professions as well as which careers have seen women account for a large share of new hires or where women account for a large share of total employment.

Jesse Jackson pushes for technological equality in Silicon Valley

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson was in Oakland Wednesday to push for technological equality. Jackson told students at Oakland Tech High School they must pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math. At the same time, he urged Silicon Valley companies to hire and train more minorities.

After-school robotics program creates 'success story' for middle-schoolers

Wednesday was the year-end culmination of a new after-school program in the Jordan School District, where a state grant has allowed three schools to host computer programming and robotics classes for seventh-, eighth- and ninth-graders. It's one of several programs overseen by the STEM Action Center, Utah's coordinating agency for new science, technology, engineering and math opportunities for students, an effort led by the Governor's Office of Economic Development to better prepare them for college and a career.

Neil deGrasse Tyson's answer to innovation stagnation: a space race to Mars

In the search to find the high-paying jobs and industries of the future, Neil deGrasse Tyson has an idea for a novel solution. How about a militarised space race to Mars? More specifically, the famed American astrophysicist says that if he could just get China's leaders to leak a memo to the West about plans to build military bases on Mars, "the US would freak out and we'd all just build spacecraft and be there in 10 months".

NASA Brings Science of Space Down to Earth for 2015 World Science Festival

From mega space telescopes to space navigation, NASA is bringing a variety of interactive, hands-on activities and exhibits to the more than 100,000 visitors who will attend this year’s World Science Festival in New York Wednesday, May 27 through Sunday, May 31.

High School Teachers Can Help Teens Soar With Aviation, Aerospace

Many teens' wonder at air travel is one way to get them interested in science, technology, engineering and math. Some high school teachers are encouraging teens to reach new heights – literally – through aviation and aerospace education. High schoolers nationwide are exploring these topics. In Florida, for example, one high school recently revitalized its ​aviation and aerospace engineering magnet program. Students can practice flying on full-size flight simulators in the classroom.

PLTW Engagement Team Leaders Discuss STEM Education on The Seth Leibsohn Show [Audio]

Two Project Lead The Way (PLTW) team members – Senior Vice President & Chief Engagement Officer David Dimmett and Engagement Team Vice President, West Region Susan Castillo – recently appeared on the Seth Leibsohn Show to discuss science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and its impact on workforce and economic development, community, national security, and more.

Montana starts $1,000 scholarships for science, engineering majors

Montana is offering new $1,000 scholarships to state high school graduates who major in science, technology, engineering, math or health care at a Montana college. The scholarships are intended as an incentive with the goals of increasing the number of Montana college graduates in STEM fields and boosting the Montana economy, Tyler Trevor, deputy commissioner for planning and analysis, told the regents.

Math titan earns accolades for teaching, caring at Tech

Glimpse at Robert Boatz during a Technical High School sports timeout, and you might see the math teacher reading a book in the stands. "He's really the consummate educator, in my book," said Bruce Hentges, former Tech coach and instructor. A prestigious university recently agreed. The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology honored Boatz with its outstanding teacher award earlier this month.

Making Computer Science More Inviting: A Look at What Works

When Sonja Khan started college, she’d never thought of studying computer science. But when she heard from friends that the intro class was good, she decided to give it a try — and then ended up majoring in it. Four years later, she has just graduated with a computer science degree, is pursuing a master’s degree and is headed to a summer internship at Facebook.

Legos serve as building blocks to learning in STEM fields

Using the sophisticated interlocking brick system, the boys built a robot around FLL's theme for 2014: World class learning unleashed. Teams are tasked with engineering robots to accomplish a slew of missions, like opening doors, shooting projectiles and releasing loops. Each team receives the same four-foot by eight-foot field mat, which is the game board on which every robot competes.

Latino college success will pave the way for future growth

Latinos are already California’s largest ethnic group and their numbers are growing: Half of all Californians under the age of 18 are Latino. In Silicon Valley, 27 percent of the population is Latino, and it is expected to rise to 40 percent by 2050. With just one in five STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) workers in Silicon Valley born in California, we need a “grow our own” workforce that will keep companies and jobs here.


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