Can Microsoft and Steve Ballmer help more young people launch tech careers?

Ballmer, who left Microsoft last year and now owns the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers, and his wife are giving $11 million to the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship for tech students. Microsoft is injecting another $10 million. And the state of Washington will match the gift, bringing WSOS's new investment to a $42 million total.

Grassroots Engineering: Manufacturers must introduce engineering careers to students to better fill talent pipeline

As manufacturers struggle to find talent to staff the open engineering positions they have today, some executives are taking a long-term view by focusing on ways to fill the talent pipeline with more people in the years ahead. That has manufacturers partnering with educators to attract more students to consider engineering as a career, often as early as middle school and high school.

Why Silicon Valley Falls Short When It Comes To Education

Failure to transform American higher education may undo the very building blocks of our nation’s innovation infrastructure. Instead, today’s current generation of entrepreneurs are spending their energy and resources lobbying for band-aid solutions like H-1B visas, when they could be reimagining the current pipeline to address the lack of female and minority engineers in their companies.

By pursuing STEM education and digital media opportunities, minorities can add value to broadband

In black communities it’s tough for these impact industries to get started because the first investment in intellectual capital hasn’t been made.  For example, in Delaware only 19% of African American students are enrolled in STEM-related courses. Getting students into these courses is necessary if entrepreneurship in the tech area is ever to grow in the African American community itself.

McCain: Russian, Chinese hackers have advantages over US in cyber security battles

During remarks in Phoenix before Valley Partnership, McCain said the U.S. has a distinct advantage over its adversaries in other security realms but that cyber security is one place where hackers hold the edge. McCain told the commercial real estate group that Russian hackers in particular have become more brazen and don’t stop their efforts when detected.

Engage Young Minds in Coding with Dash and Dot

Products like the Dash and Dot robots from Wonder Workshop take that casual interest in coding and help to nurture it within young minds. Wonder Workshop sent me the robots to review with my nine year-old daughter, who is very interested in science and coding. Using coding apps like Kodu Game Labs she was already familiar with the visual programming language type of presentation.

From STEM to STEAM: Does the "A" make a difference?

Arts education has been championed for years as a necessity for well-rounded students, but the ongoing shift nationwide toward curricula dominated by science, technology, engineering, math and reading has left more creative subjects battling for attention.  Amy Schwabe, a therapist at the North Shore Center in Mequon, sees the benefits of art among the children and adolescents she treats. "There's so much structure and pressure in their day. Their brains haven't evolved enough to take in all of this information," said Schwabe.

STEM majors top lists of highest-earning majors

Science, technology, engineering and math majors command the highest mid-career salaries for all levels of higher education, according to the 2015-16 College Salary Report released by PayScale. The report found 25% of the 201 master’s level majors have mid-career median pay numbers above $100,000, and all those are STEM subjects.

Marketers Should Worry About Math Education In The US

As the explosion of technology requires an ever more complex analysis and increases the need for speed, we rely more on technology and programmers to help us automate the process and leverage data and analytics for our benefit. All of this happens with the underlying knowledge of math. Consequently, marketers should be very concerned about the state of math education in the US and its long-term impact on our ability to hire qualified candidates for the data and analytics positions we will need.

Making career and technical education into a first-class option

When Kipphut, a former principal, took over the CTE office, he found serious problems: out-of-date courses, equipment shortages, unsupportive principals, and flagging enrollment.  But the challenge his team faced wasn’t just to resolve those issues. It was to wipe out vo-tech’s negative image as a dumping ground and convince parents, students, and principals that CTE can expand possibilities instead of limiting them.

Education Startups that are Grooming Child Geniuses

School might be starting up for children everywhere, but let’s not lose site of the great technology tools at our disposal for supplementing primary education. For most of us, the technology we were exposed to during our elementary school days consisted of typing classes on dusty, rudimentary, monochrome PCs. At least we know our home row on the keyboard. Today? It’s a paradise for education technology outside of the classroom.

How New York City is preparing girls for our STEM-focused future

AT&T and the New York City Department of Education have worked on two programs aimed at improving girls’ access to hands on STEM education: New York City’s Software Engineering Pilot (SEP) and Girls Who Code. In our SEP classrooms, middle- and high-schoolers learn programming languages, build robots, and design circuits and video games. Fifty-five percent of these students are black or Latino, and nearly half are female.

Send Children Outside: Nature Is the Best Training Ground for STEM Careers

Outdoor environmental education cultivates curiosity and discovery in children, the fundamental building blocks of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) literacy, and it encourages students to make science a part of everyday life.

Three Ways Ed-Tech Can Help Bring Back the "Cool" Science Teacher

When children fall in love with an educational subject, it is a great thing. This generally comes at a young age and through the influence of a particular teacher. Yet, as teachers become a dwindling resource and are over-worked and over-stressed, students are the ones that suffer. As we push for more education in STEM fields, we find ourselves lacking the "cool" teachers that encourage and foster students inherent want to learn and discover.

Nurturing the youngest STEM learners

Researchers at Northwestern University, USA, have been investigating the developmental psychology behind child-learning through educational television programmes and examining how such programmes can be used to teach basic STEM concepts.


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