International Space Station and National Geographic Learning Team Up for Science Education

Through this collaboration, CASIS brings the high-interest world of space-related science and engineering together with National Geographic Learning's educational expertise and spirit of exploration to create a unique learning environment that targets elementary school students and teachers.

National 4-H Council and Lockheed Martin Team Up to Recognize Teachers Who Bring Science to Life

National 4-H Council and Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] are launching the "Teachers Bringing Science to Life" contest that will provide resources and rewards for educators who encourage their students to explore the field of aerospace engineering.

Sierra College STEM Collaborative Releases Literature Review - Should Art Be Added to STEM?

To gain insight on how educators can better prepare students for advanced manufacturing and STEM careers, the Sierra College Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Collaborative engaged Elizabeth Dayton, Ph.D. to conduct a literature review on the value of adding the arts to STEM, making it STEAM.

Featured STEM Interview: Nina Davuluri, 2014 Miss America

During the roundtable, the group was able to discuss the need for more women in STEM fields. Nina shared her own personal struggles with beating the Miss America stereotype in her push for STEM.

Miss America Goes to Washington

The Miss America Foundation and Davuluri – herself a science grad from the University of Michigan -- have made STEM learning one of their platforms. When the annual pageant returns in September, it will for the second time offer a range of STEM scholarships to its contestants.

Stem Education Matters to Our National Security, Innovation and World Leadership

If we want to attract today's youth to careers in science, engineering, mathematics and high-tech manufacturing, we need to show them the variety of career opportunities that exist in these industries. We need to change their perceptions about what the manufacturing industry is like and help them realize that manufacturing careers pay 25-50 percent higher than non-manufacturing jobs, so they will choose to be part of modern manufacturing.

Getting Lean in Education--By Getting Out of the Classroom

This week, the NSF is announcing the next step in the I-Corps program-- I-Corps for Learning (I-Corps L). This version of I-Corps is for STEM educators--anyone from kindergarten to graduate school who teaches Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and wants to learn how to bring an innovative teaching strategy, technology, or set of curriculum materials to a wider audience.

Best Education Programs for STEM Students

The four schools discussed in this article granted over 50 percent of their degrees in STEM fields in 2012. Each school is also ranked in the top 50 of colleges by U.S. News & World Report 2013 Best Colleges. The colleges also represent programs that are available in four major regions of the country.

Miss America: 'Being smart is cool'

Nina Davuluri, a.k.a. Miss America 2014, wants young women to know the value of education. "Being smart is cool," Davuluri said Monday at a roundtable discussion of diversity in STEM education.

Science Is an Engine of Human Prosperity

Science is the engine of human prosperity. Economists have said that a third to a half of U.S. economic growth has resulted from basic research since World War II. The cars and trains that got us to this building, the smart phones we are all carrying, the energy we are using to run the lights in this chamber, the clothes we are wearing, the food we eat: All of these things were developed through the process that we call science.

Why is STEM Still a Four-Letter Word for Women? Seven Leaders Weigh In

Are women really less naturally inept at technical work? Or are deeply entrenched, nefarious social forces at play? More importantly, what can women do to overcome gender biases and make progress in these fields -- which just so happen to drive an incredible amount of societal progress?

Local Projects teams up with the New York Hall of Science to build an app that reveals the physics of the playground

On a breezy spring afternoon at the New York Hall of Science in Queens, designer Jake Barton is watching a pair of middle schoolers chuck an iPod across a playground while another kid films the scene with an iPad. This is the physics lesson of the future, and it looks like a blast.

Rockefeller: Investing in Science, Technology is Critical to Our Nation's Global Leadership

For the fifth year in a row, Rockefeller today hosted the 51st National Youth Science Camp luncheon. The National Youth Science Camp is a four-week program based at Camp Pocahontas in Thornwood, West Virginia that brings together the top two science students from each state along with international students, with the goal of inspiring lifelong engagement and leadership in the STEM fields.

Girls to rebuild refrigerators into electric cars for race contest

Dubbed the Icebox Derby, the program is co-sponsored by Girls4Science, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, and the Chicago Urban League and is designed to educate and empower young women to explore opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Rewriting the Innovation Code for Latinas in Technology

In preparation for the upcoming Latinas Think Big Innovation Summit this October, at Google's campus in Silicon Valley, I have been on a quest to identify Latinas around the country who are innovating in technology and across STEM fields.


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