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Microsoft Doesn’t Know What It Has With HoloLens

Microsoft has something amazing with the HoloLens, writes Rob Enderle. However, he says, Microsoft isn’t thinking big enough and someone else could take this concept and do things that are even more amazing.

Giant space telescope could image objects at far higher resolution than Hubble

CU-Boulder Professor Webster Cash said the instrument package would consist of an orbiting space telescope with an opaque disk in front of it that could be up to a half mile across. The new telescope concept, named the Aragoscope after French scientist Francois Arago, who first detected diffracted light waves around a disk, could allow scientists to image space objects like black hole “event horizons” and plasma swaps between stars, said Cash of CU-Boulder’s Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy.

An Overview of All 25 Parts NASA & Made In Space Have 3D Printed in Space

In an incredible statement for the strength and capability of the printer, every 3D print was successful. As for whether the actual quality of each 3D print is up to par, considering they were produced in space, that will be left up to researchers and scientists to decide upon the astronauts’ return, as they bring the 3D printed items back for further inspection.

2015 offers a net neutrality solution

The calendar ticks over a new year, and here we are, still arguing about net neutrality. 2014 was a wild ride for this perennial telecom issue, but there is good reason to believe 2015 can be different. With President Obama giving the debate a potent push leftward toward Title II regulation, a new Republican Congress looking to respond and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) hoping to move on and get something out the door in February, the issue is quickly nearing a crescendo.

5 Best and 5 Worst Places to Work

While the IT industry enjoys an unemployment rate that's half that of the general workforce, not all IT companies are created equal. Sure, it might be easier to land a high-paying job in IT if you've got the skills, but what about culture, benefits and other perks?

‘Cobots’ enhance robotic manufacturing

Manufacturers have begun experimenting with a new generation of “cobots” (collaborative robots) designed to work side-by-side with humans. But how do you integrate them with humans in a manufacturing plant (and overcome negative Hollywood stereotypes)?

Technology is going to significantly transform medicine, with sensors monitoring body functions

My prediction is that 2015 will be the year in which tech takes baby steps in transforming medicine. The technologies that make this possible are advancing at exponential rates; their power and performance are increasing dramatically even as their prices fall and footprints shrink. The big leaps will start to happen at around the end of this decade.

Scientists implant tiny robots inside live mice

The first test of micro-machines on a living mouse marks a breakthrough in the field of nano-robotics. A team of researchers from the University of California has recently published a study describing the first successful tests, within a living creature, of nano-robots intended to carry and disperse drugs within the body.

Federal Procurement Culture Impedes Innovation

Signs of technology malaise can be seen across the federal government. The Pentagon has warned that it is losing its military technological superiority as other countries rush to develop advanced conventional and cyber weapons to counter U.S. armaments and satellites. The U.S. intelligence community worries that technologies it used to own almost exclusively — like high-resolution satellite imagery, encryption and biometrics — are progressing far more rapidly in the civilian world.

Lawmakers launch tech diversity caucus

Members of both chambers of Congress on Monday launched a bipartisan caucus aimed at getting more women, minorities and veterans into the tech sector. The eight leaders of the new Diversifying Technology Caucus said that the effort will work with the startup advocacy group Engine to push for greater inclusiveness and diversity in the industry, which has been criticized for being overly male, white and Asian-American.

NASA-Microsoft augmented-reality system allows scientists to work on Mars

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Microsoft have developed software called OnSight that will enable scientists to work virtually on Mars with Mars Curiosity rover, using wearable technology called Microsoft HoloLens. "OnSight gives our rover scientists the ability to walk around and explore Mars right from their offices," said Dave Lavery, program executive for the Mars Science Laboratory mission at NASA Headquarters

Windows 10 isn’t just a step back to the desktop, it’s a step up

Wednesday's Windows event was the flashiest to grace Redmond in years. The company pulled a number of projects, like HoloLens, out of its skunk works in an effort to convince finicky geeks it isn’t out of ideas. Whether this gambit was successful is hard to say (the Twittersphere seems impressed), but in a few weeks it will also be irrelevant. Microsoft’s problem has always been execution, not imagination.

Microsoft to give away Windows 10 as free upgrade

Microsoft Corp will give away its upcoming Windows 10 operating system as a free upgrade to users of the most recent versions of Windows and Windows Phone, as the world's largest software company tries to hold onto customers in the new mobile era that has largely bypassed it.

HoloLens Hands-on: Microsoft Leapfrogs Apple in Innovation

Although the holographic headset I played with wasn’t nearly as sleek as what was shown on stage at Microsoft's press event (we test drove a clunky dev kit), HoloLens could transform everything from education and entertainment to home improvement and medicine. And I’m sure I’m missing some possibilities here. Here’s a recap of my time with HoloLens, and my take on where it could go.

SpaceX Raises $1Bln in Financing From Google,Fidelity to Support Innovation

According to SpaceX, Google and Fidelity have become fifth and sixth investors of the company and will own collectively almost 10 percent of SpaceX.  "Space-based applications, like imaging satellites, can help people more easily access important information, so we're excited to support SpaceX's growth as it develops new launch technologies," a Google spokesperson was quoted as saying by CNNMoney.


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