Beyond games: Tips for tapping tech for education

We know kids love technology for fun - video games, movies, keeping in touch with friends - it’s easy to spend hours glued to the screen, wasting time. But there’s also plenty technology can do to enrich learning and help kids develop new skills in this digital age.

Commentary: STEM Should Be Divided Into Subsets

Today, STEM programs are everywhere, but their definitions and goals have morphed and their impacts have been difficult to assess.

Using Apple's iPhone To Explain The Difference Between Invention And Innovation

Horace Dediu is trying to convince us all to accept a new word of his creation, innoveracy, to aid in explaining new products like Apple's iPhone.

College students already know what STEM is about, but thanks anyway

I fully support efforts to increase STEM’s presence in primary and secondary schooling. We need to pique children’s interest in such career options as early as possible. Get ‘em while they’re starry eyed. Doing something about it once a student reaches college, though? Too little, too late – why bother?

Looking through Glass, an area "Explorer" talks about experience

James O'Hagan will take this experience and put it towards education. He's pursuing a Doctorate in Instructional Technology. His main interest in the degree, wearable technology.

STEM workers plentiful among Americans

It is industry spin to say we need an expansion of temporary foreign workers until our schools pump out more STEM-educated students.

Growing interest in STEM [Commentary]

A child often chooses a profession based on who influences him or her growing up. While changing the education system is necessary, some attention should also be placed on encouraging those in the community, specifically other underrepresented professionals in STEM fields, to give back by influencing others like them to pursue STEM fields and succeed.

Re-thinking the Role of Technology in Higher Education

Will MOOCs replace faculty and instructors? Will teaching and learning happen mostly in online in the near future? Fortunately, MOOCs have been greatly challenged since then.

Getting personal: Technology in the classroom, success in the world

Individual devices and online resources give students choices and let them have more control over their learning while also giving teachers greater time and freedom to work with those who need more attention.

Focus on the Opportunities Ed Tech Brings, Not the Hype

The promise is that digital learning will improve and enrich learning, while empowering educators to design more engaging, professional and dynamic schools and classrooms. But technology by itself can’t and won’t make this happen.

Are We Entering a Golden Era of Private Science Funding?

The public does not often realize that for most of its history, science was in fact privately funded. During the early scientific revolution in Europe, important research often came from what we can call self-philanthropy, exemplified by rich men like Henry Cavendish and Antoine Lavoisier who essentially did science as a hobby and made discoveries that are now part of the textbooks.

3 Myths Americans Still Believe About Innovation

In effect, the U.S. has neglected key innovation ingredients even as other countries have cultivated them. This neglect is rooted in three myths about innovation that are widely held by Americans.

Opinion: The Innovation Act: Good Start, but We Can Do More

First, Senators, do not water down the Innovation Act. Pass or bolster the bill that your colleagues in the House so wisely created. And most importantly, preserve the Innovation Act provisions on detailed pleading, demand letters, fee shifting and limiting discovery.

STEM or STEAM? We're Missing the Point

I'm often asked why science, technology, engineering and math are the only words used to create the acronym, and when Project Lead The Way (PLTW), the STEM organization I am proud to lead, will change STEM to STEAM, STREAM or STEMM -- incorporating art, reading or music into the acronym.

State of Education: The Tech Boom's Effect on Learning

I work in education technology (also known as "ed tech"), which means using technology to improve learning. My company - ePals - focuses on using technology to connect people through great content.


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