Some of the Most Sought-After Tech Jobs Don't Require a College Degree

Some estimates of the cyber skills shortage are striking. Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security report puts the gap in demand for professionals with relevant cybersecurity skills and the supply of those people at 1 million worldwide. In a survey of 12,000 information security specialists by the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, 56 percent said their organization was understaffed in that department.

I’m a female engineer, and I love science. Stop calling me a geek

In schools and in society, “geek” still carries a negative connotation that many girls and women do not associate with. Using a socially awkward loner as a symbol for STEM isn’t an effective method for attracting girls to these fields. In fact, it’s counterproductive.

Study recommends additional math education to steer women to STEM fields

To help bridge the gap between men and women in math-intensive STEM fields and careers, educators should engage girls as young as elementary school in intervention programs focused on more math skills, according to a new report on the landscape of women in science-related careers.

6 Ways to Attract and Retain Female IT Talent

Over the last decade, research has shown that companies' bottom lines benefit when they actively recruit, develop and advance women. Studies demonstrate that enterprises that strive to include women are better able to attract and retain talent, reduce turnover costs, enhance organizational performance and build a robust leadership pipeline.

The spies who kill innovation

As the Internet connects the world, cybercrime steals from it. Each year, the economy suffers $375-$575 billion in losses due to cybercrime, according to a comprehensive study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). CSIS reports that the U.S. economy suffers $70-140 billion of those losses, more than any other nation does. To put this in perspective, CSIS estimates that those losses amount to 200,000 lost jobs for American workers, roughly the same number of total jobs added in September.

Lack of Skilled Workers Threatens Economic Growth

Employers are looking to hire people with more advanced skills, especially in STEM fields, but job seekers are often struggling to figure out which skills they need and where they can learn them.

To get engineers, companies offer advancement, culture and, yes, cash

The tech-talent debate continues: Some say Chicago and the U.S. suffer a critical shortage of engineers and developers. Others say that’s a myth. But all agree that companies must fight to grab the best. And Chicago companies are taking their best shots. Some experts say the engineers are here — it’s just a matter of attracting them. They say that takes finesse, a balance between wooing job candidates with compelling projects and enticing them with cash, benefits and flexibility.

The Common Core Helps Close Achievement Gaps, Open Doors to STEM Jobs, New Fact Sheet from CAP and AAUW Illustrates

CAP and AAUW’s fact sheet notes that by establishing high-quality, uniform, and rigorous standards, the Common Core helps ensure that all students are taught to the same high expectations. The fact sheet looks at how the Common Core State Standards can impact and benefit girls and women starting from K-12, through higher education, and after college and beyond.

Obama's Manufacturing Boost Could Be Boon for U.S. Jobs

In a closed-door meeting with manufacturing executives and academics Monday afternoon, President Barack Obama laid out a number of new executive actions aimed at boosting manufacturing in the U.S. by encouraging innovation, developing a pipeline of skilled workers and improving the business climate for manufacturers.

Is 'Leaning In' The Only Formula For Women's Success In Science?

Don't wait to be invited or encouraged to make a career in science, engineering or technology, Frances Arnold advises the young women she teaches at the California Institute of Technology. If you're a scientist, she says, you should know how to solve a problem. "Bemoaning your fate is not going to solve the problem," she says. "One has to move forward."

Deeper learning will drive educational, economic success of local workforce

Based on its review of outcomes from 13 schools that focus on deeper learning experiences, the study found students were more apt to have important interpersonal skills, such as the ability to work well with others. They were also 16 percent more likely to graduate from high school on time, and 19 percent more likely to attend four-year universities.

Women in tech: It's not just a pipeline problem

More than half of women (about 53%) who started out in the tech-intensive industry working in a business role immediately following completion of their MBA left to take a position in another industry, compared to 31 percent of men, according to the report prepared by Catalyst, a nonprofit group that promotes the advancement of women in the workplace "They are not leaving the workforce," said Anna Beninger, the director of research at Catalyst. "They are taking their talents elsewhere."

Chevron puts $20M into educating, training Appalachian workers

Chevron is spending $20 million on the launch of a STEM-focused program dubbed the Appalachia Partnership Initiative. The program is designed to “improve schools and workforce development in 27 counties in southwestern Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio.”

Building the Next Generation of Female IT Professionals

One approach that's working according to Angie Schiavoni co-founder and executive director of CodeEd, a non-profit program that teaches computer science to girls from underserved communities, is starting in middle school. "The idea is that we partner with schools, businesses and with other social programs serving low-income girls to provide teachers - who are volunteers - computer science courses, and computers," says Schiavoni.

The Country's Newest Education Entrepreneurs Congregate in New Orleans

4.0 Schools is a non-profit education innovation lab based in New Orleans and New York City that trains entrepreneurs to build breakthrough solutions  in education. In the past 4 years, they have helped launch over 40 ventures that tackle issues that range from youth unemployment to code literacy.


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