Career and Technology Centers not your parents' Vo-Techs

The old perception of career and technology centers – you may remember them as "Vo Techs" – was a place to go for high-school students who don't plan to attend college.

Energy companies aim to recruit more women amid industry boom

Solid statistics on how many women work in energy are hard to find. An analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted by the oil and gas industry news service Rigzone found that 46 percent of all new jobs in the oil and gas industry went to women during the first quarter of 2013, the highest level in years.

Miss America emphasizes importance of science and technology careers

The first Indian-American to wear the crown, Davuluri was the keynote speaker Wednesday at Delaware County Community College STEM Career Night.

Purdue and Chrysler partnership centers around research and internships

As students wrap up another day of classes in the cold on Wednesday, Purdue University announced a new partnership with Chrysler, which has a large plant in Kokomo.

Keeping women in high-tech fields is big challenge, report finds

The difficulty in getting more young women into science and high-tech fields has received a lot of attention recently, including from a new national mentorship program for budding female scientists as well as Super Bowl ads for engineering toys designed for girls.

The Fix To America's Manufacturing Decline Stands Right Before Us

Many employers are eager to hire. They’ve got capital set aside specifically to invest in expanding their workforce. And they have applicants — problem is, many of them simply don’t have the training and education needed to perform the work.

STEM Education Gap threatens American economic success

At a time when 6.7 percent unemployment (or, 11.9 percent among African Americans) is an improvement, the STEM sector still has more available jobs than qualified American professionals.

Washington State: Falling behind the STEM education curve

Washington lags almost every other state in science and engineering graduates. Twice as many students in Maryland took the Advance Placement computer science exam. We rank near the bottom of states for women and students of color pursuing STEM programs.

The Rise and Fall of Western Innovation

A review of Mass Flourishing: How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change, by Edmund Phelps.

Minorities, Women Still Underrepresented in STEM Fields, Study Finds

While 'there has been some general movement toward more diversity,' participation still 'varies substantially across groups,' the report found.

STEM Job Market Much Larger Than Previously Reported

New data shows there is a much larger demand for students trained in STEM fields than previously thought.

Mechanical, robotics engineers see demand

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, mechanical engineering, which includes fields such as robotics, is ranked fifth on its list of most in-demand bachelor's degrees for its "Job Outlook 2013" survey, right after finance, computer and information science, accounting and business administration/management.

Tech education needed to fill high-demand jobs of tomorrow

In California and nationwide, there are far too many young adults in the 18- to 24-year-old age bracket who possess no post-high school education that might help forge a career path.

Congressional Spending Bill Increases Funding Levels for Fattah Space Priorities

Two NASA programs championed by Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA) were included in the bipartisan Congressional spending bill passed and signed into law earlier this month.

Managing a Millennial Workforce in an Era of Connected Things

The future is upon us: the millennial generation. Millennials come armed with mobile devices of every size, and the corresponding mindset that immediate access is a necessity.


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