Survey Shows AFA's CyberPatriot Having Big STEM Impact

The Air Force Association's CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Education Program today announced the results of its survey of middle and high school students, assessing their growth in cybersecurity knowledge and career interest through participation in the program.

Like math? You're hired

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs take more than twice as long to fill as other openings, according to a new Brookings Institution study that provides the most detailed evidence yet of a skills gap that's slowing payroll growth.

Virginia area leads nation in lesser-education STEM jobs

Wanted: Expertise in science, technology, engineering or math. Bachelor’s degree not required. Hampton Roads has a greater proportion of these types of job listings than any other region in the country, according to a Brookings Institution report to be released today. And that’s a mixed blessing, the study’s author says.

The Most Coveted Employers For Engineering Students

While the rallying cry for STEM talent spans employers, data shows that engineers’ employment preferences skew towards more traditional manufacturing and extractive fields, with “engineering and manufacturing” ranked most preferred by nearly 70% of respondents, followed distantly by “energy,” and “aerospace and defense.”

Report says STEM jobs increasingly hard to fill

A study released today says jobs asking for science, technology, engineering and math – or STEM – skills are harder to fill than jobs without STEM requirements.

Stemming the Leaks and Backflow in the STEM Diversity Pipeline

We stuff as many students as possible into the proverbial STEM pipeline while failing to address the leaks and backflows within, even when many students -- especially minorities -- don't emerge from the other end with STEM PhDs and jobs.

Lawmakers Tackle Workforce, STEM and Higher Ed Policy

Addressing accessibility, affordability and ensuring workforce preparedness topped legislators’ agendas in many states during the 2014 sessions. States and regions are increasingly competing for talent as the trend toward growing and nurturing innovation ecosystems continues.

STEM skills gap: Now is the time to act

Currently, there are 1.4 vacant STEM jobs for every qualified STEM job-seeker. If this rate persists, by 2018 there will be a projected 1.7 million STEM jobs without qualified applicants to fill them.

New concerns about cybersecurity workforce shortage in critical infrastructure sectors

It’s no secret that the nation suffers from a critical shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. From the Defense Department to the Fortune 500, the demand for educated and experienced cybersecurity pros has never been greater.

The Best Cities For STEM Job Openings Right Now

“We consistently see that Washington, D.C. has a large number of STEM openings,” says Steinerd. “It’s home to lots of defense and aerospace companies that are increasingly relying on qualified computer and engineering professionals.”

As Technology Advances, Cybersecurity Jobs Take Center Stage

Wearable tech, EHRs and smart appliances all point to a need for increased security – and that may mean job growth.

The cities with the most women in tech

According to our analysis, women make up 29% of the tech community. This matches up closely with other data sets. 2011 census data showed that 25% of computer workers were female and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this year that 26% of computer and mathematical occupations are held by women.

Sen. Landrieu Secures Funding to Grow I-20 Tech Corridor, Create Cybersecurity Jobs

This significant level of funding will help grow Louisiana's I-20 Tech Corridor, create cybersecurity jobs and help keep the nation safe from ever-increasing cyber threats. The CIC has been operating as an integral part in the Department of Homeland Security's efforts to develop a future skilled workforce.

12 Tips to Help College Grads Land Their First IT Job

Technology and HR pros, as well as IT recruiters, share their advice on how recent graduates and those still in college can best position themselves for a technology career.

Siemens PLM Gives $1B in Software to Virginia Colleges

Siemens PLM will give more than $1 billion of in-kind software grants for manufacturing programs at community colleges and universities in Virginia. Students will have access to the same Siemens product lifecycle management software used in global manufacturing.


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