Closing the gap between school and work

"We're losing a generation of kids who are bored out of their mind," Wagner says, noting that the push for standardized testing has resulted in more rote learning and less opportunity for students to learn how to solve problems and think critically. "Kids today want to be active, engaged and know why they should learn that."

10 Career Resources for Women in STEM

While women's presence in these industries has increased steadily over the years, there's still a significant gender gap — and if female STEM workers want to get ahead, it's in their best interest to support and connect with other women who share their professional interests and goals. If you're a woman who works (or wants to work) in STEM, here are 10 great career resources to help you build your skills, network with other STEM professionals and find new career-related opportunities.

Overcoming Gender Inequality in the Tech Sector

Yesterday, in partnership with Symantec, we brought together a number of smart women and men for a roundtable discussion on gender inequality in tech. In attendance were Code 2040 and Girls Who Code, two non-profits that are trying to address one root of the problem — girls leaving STEM education as early as middle school. We also had representatives of companies including Facebook, Edelman and of course Symantec. These organizations and others are actively looking to improve their diversity record and foster a culture of diversity.

Why is STEM important?

If you look across the academic landscape what is it that you notice? Students are performing science experiments, testing out solar energy, and learning the basics of computer programming. But what does all of this mean? Here’s one word for you, STEM. Referring to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, you can find STEM education being implemented in schools and programs around the country and here in New York City. But the question is what makes STEM so important?

Seven strategies for keeping women in STEM fields

Women who enter science and engineering fields often leave prematurely – and if they stay, many don’t advance as quickly as their male counterparts. Now an academic panel has developed a seven-point plan for achieving gender equity in so-called STEM fields: science, technology, engineering and math. The 28-member Initiative on Women in Science and Engineering Working Group hopes to “ensure that women not just enter science, but remain, compete, and truly excel in scientific careers.”

Robots may make it harder for some Americans to get ahead

So if advanced robots knock out more automatable jobs, will lower-skilled workers fall further from the pack and essentially vanish from the American jobs landscape? This is a big debate among economists and experts on robotics.

The White House’s $100M, H-1B Funded Tech Job Plan Comes Under Fire

Obama administration says there are 545,000 IT job openings, but experts question that number. The White House has established a $100 million program that endorses fast-track, boot camp IT training efforts and other four-year degree alternatives. But this plan is drawing criticism because of the underlying message it sends in the H-1B battle.

President Obama Launches New TechHire Initiative

The TechHire initiative builds on work communities like Louisville, St. Louis, Philadelphia, New York City and the State of Delaware are doing to connect more Americans to well-paying technology jobs through a potent combination of new tools and training models. Twenty-one cities, states and rural regions across the country will participate in the TechHire launch, with the goal of building a training-to-job pipeline to fill more than 120,000 tech openings, according to the White House.

On International Women’s Day, Thoughts On Gender And STEM

As we commemorate International Woman’s Day 2015, we decided to explore why the number of  women entering technology fields does not reflect the global population. We asked four members of the Internet Society Hall of Fame for their insights on how to attract more girls and women to careers in technology.

Encourage the next generation of STEM professionals

So, what to do about this problem? Specifically, what can small, local business do—and why should they care? Note that unfilled STEM jobs slow down business growth, lower productivity, and lead to lower revenues--whether you're a STEM business or not. In ASQ's 2014 Engineering Week survey, we asked our members to give engineering students some advice. Their suggestions apply just as much to businesses that may be employing such students as interns or staff.

Here's one way to attract the best and brightest to the U.S. - and keep them here

One quarter of technology and engineering companies developed between 1995 and 2012 were founded or co-founded by foreign-born immigrants. Those developed between 2006 and 2012 employed an average of 21.37 people each. Foreign-born immigrants creating employment opportunities in the U.S. is not a novel concept. Between 1995 and 2006, the technology companies started by immigrants accounted for an impressive 10 percent of total job creation.

The employment picture is improving for STEM majors

The years since the financial collapse of 2008 have been tough on young workers, but times seem to be improving for many, according to a new report on college graduates from employment expert Anthony P. Carnevale and economist Ban Cheah, both of the Georgetown University Center for Education and the Workforce in Washington, D.C.

Robots are hurting middle class workers, and education won’t solve the problem

Whether it is robots in manufacturing, automated check-out of retail establishments, e-shopping taking people out of distribution networks, information technology replacing what used to be done by low-level, white-collar managerial and clerical labor, the ability to take blood pressure and perform other medical tests with much less human labor input, automated call-center systems – it appears that technology is permitting very large-scale substitutions.

Where are the best paying STEM jobs? Right here in Montgomery County

Looking for a job in STEM-related fields (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics)?  Look no further than Montgomery County. A recent report by Smart Asset ( lists Rockville and Bethesda as the top spots in the nation for well-paying STEM jobs.  The area (which included Frederick, MD) beat out Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Boston and New York in offering the most financially rewarding opportunities.

How I Got Into STEM

Lots of people are good at math, science, or some combination of the two. But does that mean a career in STEM is the right thing for you? If it is, how do you get into the field? A sit-down interview with someone already in the field should give a better idea to those who are contemplating a career in STEM.


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