‘Millennial Women in Tech’ panel talks STEM struggles, successes

At DC Web Women’s Millennial Women in Tech roundtable discussion, eight women offered advice and encouragement for those pursuing STEM careers.

Obama To Expand Temporary Tech Visa Program

President Obama announced today that he will present his long-awaited immigration plan Thursday night. Included in the proposal, Bloomberg reports, is an expansion of the temporary visa program that currently enables foreign graduates in science and engineering fields to work in the U.S. for up to 29 months.

6 STEM Jobs With the Most Women Workers

While major strides have been taken to diversify the STEM workforce, there are some occupations that have higher percentages of women than others. Here's a list* of six jobs – spanning the science, technology, engineering and math fields – that have the highest percentage of women.

For Wearable Tech, One Size Does Not Fit All

As in any new field of technology, there are problems with things that don't fit or work quite right. But one of the biggest criticisms in wearables is one that resonates throughout the tech industry: the teams behind these devices are not diverse enough. Critics say that some wearables — like smart watches with huge faces or bands that don't fit smaller wrists — are designed with men in mind.

Tip for Recruiting Women in Technology: Stop Scaring Them

The numbers might scare people off: Men hold almost 70 percent of all jobs and more than 80 percent of engineering positions at major technology companies. So it’s important to focus on the positive, says Surabhi Gupta, an Airbnb Inc. engineering manager.

Why are women opting out of STEM industries?

The global study of MBA graduates found that only 18% of women opted for a business role in a technology-intensive industry, compared to 24% of men. Furthermore, more than half of women (53%) who started out in a business role in a tech-intensive industry left to take a position in another industry, compared to just 31% of men. These women are taking their talents elsewhere and we need to start asking why.

U.S., China reach historic deal to end tech tariffs

The United States and China reached a historic agreement late Monday that would eliminate tariffs on the global trade of $1 trillion in high-tech products in a development that could support up to 60,000 new U.S. jobs.

Top 20 degrees with the highest starting salaries

Of the top 20 highest starting salaries for 2014-15 college graduates, engineering degrees from five disciplines are among them, according to findings released from the study Recruiting Trends, an annual survey of nearly 5,700 companies by MSU economist and CERI Director Phil Gardner. The five are electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and civil engineering.

Piazza Helps Companies Recruit Female Tech Talent

In 2013, Piazza opened its platform to recruiters looking to fill IT roles and to help women working toward STEM degrees land positions in the field. The response has been so overwhelming that Piazza had to temporarily halt subscriptions due to the overwhelming interest from companies.

Against the odds: What it takes to be a young woman in tech

While employers at technology companies are quick to blame our education system for the dearth of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields, a new report shows that increasing numbers of qualified women are choosing to leave the tech sector because they find the workplace culture alienating.

Creating a more diverse STEM talent pipeline

Policymakers play an especially important role in convening broad stakeholder discussions on this topic and technology companies have a responsibility to ensure that hiring practices and cultures support greater diversity.

Some of the Most Sought-After Tech Jobs Don't Require a College Degree

Some estimates of the cyber skills shortage are striking. Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security report puts the gap in demand for professionals with relevant cybersecurity skills and the supply of those people at 1 million worldwide. In a survey of 12,000 information security specialists by the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, 56 percent said their organization was understaffed in that department.

I’m a female engineer, and I love science. Stop calling me a geek

In schools and in society, “geek” still carries a negative connotation that many girls and women do not associate with. Using a socially awkward loner as a symbol for STEM isn’t an effective method for attracting girls to these fields. In fact, it’s counterproductive.

Study recommends additional math education to steer women to STEM fields

To help bridge the gap between men and women in math-intensive STEM fields and careers, educators should engage girls as young as elementary school in intervention programs focused on more math skills, according to a new report on the landscape of women in science-related careers.

6 Ways to Attract and Retain Female IT Talent

Over the last decade, research has shown that companies' bottom lines benefit when they actively recruit, develop and advance women. Studies demonstrate that enterprises that strive to include women are better able to attract and retain talent, reduce turnover costs, enhance organizational performance and build a robust leadership pipeline.


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