Innovation Redefined: Check Out The Top Myths And Ground Realities

Most of us, especially spoilt now by the stellar success of Google, Apple, and Tesla, tend to regard only these types of players as the true innovators. But as per Christensen, there are two other types of innovation that we tend to disregard - sustaining innovation and efficiency innovation.

Government research: Not just useful, but entrepreneurial and visionary?

The “government—not the private sector—is the economy’s indispensable entrepreneur,” argued Teresa Tritch of the New York Times last month. The government innovates, she declared, “at the frontiers of science and technology, able and willing to take risks and to persevere through uncertainty.”

Smartphone innovation has stalled, but that's OK

It's been more than seven years since Apple introduced the original iPhone and reset our expectations for what a smartphone should be. But Steve Jobs was right on the money. It took some five years for the competition to catch up to the iPhone.

Using Apple's iPhone To Explain The Difference Between Invention And Innovation

Horace Dediu is trying to convince us all to accept a new word of his creation, innoveracy, to aid in explaining new products like Apple's iPhone.

UTSA to host first Mexico-U.S. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council meeting in U.S.

Later this month, the University of Texas at San Antonio Institute for Economic Development will host the first Mexico-U.S. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council (MUSEIC) meeting held in this country.

High-Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshops Highlight Boston's National Small Business Week

Workshops on  developing high-tech companies, business matchmaking and tips on finding capital to start or grow a successful business are among the top draws planned for the May 15  National Small Business Week event in Boston.

Air Force Enhancing U.S. Manufacturing Capability

As the first Institute of Manufacturing Innovation, America Makes will serve as an example of best practices for the proposed National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) as it brings together diverse groups from academia, industry, and government to develop technologies and foster manufacturing innovation.

Manufacturing innovation is key to boosting growth

Some pundits argue that American manufacturing is rebounding and returning to our shores. Others contend that manufacturing doesn’t matter anymore so we should not even focus on the sector.

Do Patents Truly Promote Innovation?

Do patents actually promote innovation and economic growth? We know from the historical record that in 19th century America, at least, most observers had no doubt that that the patent system was absolutely vital to U.S. economic success.

What videogame companies can teach us about innovation

Compared to traditional industries, where the objectives are set and predefined by rational targets or other activities, the cultural and creative industries – such as videogaming – present a more open-ended setting.

US, EU Drop In Science Research And Innovation

America’s leading position in global science and innovation is slipping, according to a recent Thomson Reuters report on the performance of the G-20 world economies. If the trend continues, it may augur trouble for the nation's economic growth.

Foreign appetite for US patents is not a sign of waning innovation

A recent story in Inc. magazine appears to bemoan the fact that more than half of all US patents are granted to entities from outside of the country. But the foreign appetite for US patent assets ought not be seen as a negative reflection on US innovation; and it should  provide food for thought for US policymakers as they mull over proposals for patent reform legislation.

NASA releases more than 1,000 computer codes in bid to spark innovation

In an effort to spur innovation inside and outside the space industry, NASA is releasing more than 1,000 of its computer codes to the public Thursday through a new open-access software catalog.

Can Big Data Help Us Find the Recipe for Achievement (and Innovation?)

Seth is a “Google Data Scientist”, who crunches publicly available big data to address cultural, economic and political questions.  In his article, Seth asked the simple question: “Where do the most successful Americans come from?

Analysis of G20 nations highlights shifts in emphasis

The study, which analyzed citation patterns in scientific research papers and the patent portfolios of the G20 over a ten-year-period, found that emerging markets, notably China and India, have made strides in closing the research and innovation gap with developed nations.


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