US Navy Secretary announces creation of new task force innovation

The US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has announced the creation of a new task force innovation (TFI), which will develop a comprehensive innovation agenda. Mabus said: "From non-state actors to rising powers, today's threats to our national security and our interests are not just becoming more numerous, they are also accelerating.

Federal Procurement Culture Impedes Innovation

Signs of technology malaise can be seen across the federal government. The Pentagon has warned that it is losing its military technological superiority as other countries rush to develop advanced conventional and cyber weapons to counter U.S. armaments and satellites. The U.S. intelligence community worries that technologies it used to own almost exclusively — like high-resolution satellite imagery, encryption and biometrics — are progressing far more rapidly in the civilian world.

Ford Opens Silicon Valley Research Center

Ford on Thursday opened a new research center in the heart of Silicon Valley, where the car maker will seek to generate big ideas for the next generation of connected, autonomous vehicles. Ford opened its new Research and Innovation Center here to position the company more squarely in the high-tech ecosystem, said Ford president and CEO Mark Fields.

HoloLens Hands-on: Microsoft Leapfrogs Apple in Innovation

Although the holographic headset I played with wasn’t nearly as sleek as what was shown on stage at Microsoft's press event (we test drove a clunky dev kit), HoloLens could transform everything from education and entertainment to home improvement and medicine. And I’m sure I’m missing some possibilities here. Here’s a recap of my time with HoloLens, and my take on where it could go.

Why Ford is leading the way with innovation that goes beyond vehicles

Do you want to know how to innovate in your company? Take a page from the Ford playbook, these guys are doing it right with multiple independent projects, stretch thinking and willingness to fail. Plus, they're doing it all with rigor and discipline that is aimed at realizing their global value proposition and vision.

New Accenture Study Identifies Ways to Improve Federal Innovation

A report on the research, “Is Government Making Inroads to Innovation?”, assesses the perceptions, attitudes and experiences of federal defense and civilian agency executives regarding their agencies support of innovation. Based on a survey of more than 300 federal employees, the report identified top agency drivers of federal innovation as reduced costs, improved mission delivery and increased efficiency.

The world's most innovative companies

The most innovative companies are not always the most financially successful ones. While IBM was the global innovation leader in 2014, its stock price fell 13.3% last year. In the case of several other companies, however, innovation has accompanied financial success. Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), for instance, appears on our list of most innovative companies for the first time after a dramatic increase in patent filings over the last several years.

White House Releases Report on Community-Based Broadband Solutions, Touting Municipal Competition for Gigabit Networks

Affordable, reliable access to high speed broadband is critical to U.S. economic growth and competitiveness. Upgrading to higher-speed broadband lets consumers use the Internet in new ways, increases the productivity of American individuals and businesses, and drives innovation throughout the digital ecosystem.

Innovation and Collaboration: It's Not An Either-Or Proposition

When we think of the great innovations that come our way, we might instinctively think of them as the product of a sudden brainstorm from an individual—a light bulb moment, if you will. But in reality, good ideas can come from anywhere and leading companies are finding that innovation is often produced over time with a lot of collective sweat equity by many people.

Necessity's Child

The idea that invention is necessity’s child implicitly suggests that only the spur of extreme adverse consequences breeds creativity. And yet our thinking about innovation incentive policy focuses on bestowing non-necessitous benefits.  No one ever says reward is the parent of invention, but innovation policy is almost exclusively a debate about what kind of legal “carrot” would best promote invention.

How the Patent System will Cripple the American Economy

Kaiyuan is a Chinese word that refers to openness in the Western style intellectual property framework. However, when this word is used, it explicitly means that its IP is not ‘open’. That is, the information is recognised as protected by law and not to be shared. However, as evidenced by all the counterfeit merchandise, many Chinese corporations have little regard for IP rights. The way they see it, information should be shared and built upon by others.

iPhone anniversary marks new day for Apple

Friday was the anniversary of the debut of the iPhone's introduction in 2007 and it marks a new market share push from Apple. Former Apple executive Steve Jobs entertained the crowd at the MacWorld 2007 conference by introducing what he described as a revolutionary product.

Innovation must not come at the price of security

In 2014 we’ve seen more evidence that manufacturers of IoT devices have failed to implement basic security standards, so any attack on them is likely to have nasty real world impact. As well as manufacturers taking responsibility for properly securing IoT devices, the security industry also needs to evolve to deal with them.

Sometimes Cutting R&D Spending Can Yield More Innovation

This may sound as though we’ve got our facts backward, but your company can significantly increase its knowledge output by cutting R&D spending. It’s all a matter of when you cut your spending, and why.

China Top Country of Origin for Global Patent Filings, According to IP Report

China has now solidly emerged as the top nation for patent applications and first filings after first taking the lead in 2011. China has also become the top country of origin for global patent filings, with the U.S. ranking third behind China and Japan.


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