Lessons On Innovation From Visionary CEOs

As CEOs seek to grow their business the answer often comes down to one word -- innovation. Innovation is the heart that pumps out new value to existing and new customers.

Five U.S. innovations that helped Finland’s schools improve but that American reformers now ignore

The relatively low overall rating of “innovation in education” in the United States raises an interesting question: Where are all those great ideas in the United States that other countries have been able to utilize to improve the performance of their school systems during the last century? It is interesting that, according to the OECD, the United States exhibits only modest innovation in its education system but, at the same time, it is the world leader in producing research, practical models and innovation to other countries.

The Urgency for an Innovation Roadmap to Transform Health Care

The U.S. health care system is in crisis. In America, the health of our citizens not only compares unfavorably to many other nations; annual health care costs account for 18 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) and drive a large portion of our growing annual budget deficit.

Is U.S. innovation lacking?

The OECD report, Measuring Innovation in Education, compares educational innovation to innovation in other sectors, pinpoints specific examples of educational innovation, and also examines how changes in educational outcomes are related to educational innovation.

Why you can't engineer creativity with "innovation districts"

These twenty-first century idea-factories have the potential to revitalize neglected neighborhoods, deliver sustainable development, and encourage civic engagement according to their promoters; they might even repair the atomization of our modern, digitized lives. But is crowding a bunch of people into a few city blocks really the way to make creative sparks fly?

Innovation Is a Process That Itself Requires Investment

Congress wants to enhance the benefits of scientific research for the U.S. economy and other purposes and to keep the nation at the forefront of global competition for new technologies and other innovations.

Innovation Hubs Are Accelerating American Manufacturing

The administration said in 2013 that it hopes to eventually establish a network of 45 institutes across the U.S., up from its original goal of 15. Germany’s Fraunhofer Society, a similar network of 67 institutes, is a partial model for the U.S. initiative.

Promoting Innovation: The Economics of Incentives

Over the past several years the U.S. Supreme Court has slowly, but consistently, eroded what is considered patent-eligible, most recently with decisions on software and gene patents. In essence, the universe of patentable innovations has been diminished. And with it, the country’s economic potential.

National labs snare 9 innovation ‘Oscars’

The National Nuclear Security Administration national laboratories -- Sandia, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore -- have landed nine of R&D Magazine’s 2013 R&D 100 Awards, also known as the “Oscars of Innovation.”

This is educational ‘innovation’?

Yes, the OECD is measuring innovation in education. There are, of course, innovation metrics for evaluating businesses, but schools aren’t businesses and shouldn’t be operated as if they were. So what exactly constitutes “innovation” in the educational world as viewed by the OECD?

House patent reformers push Senate leadership for action

That bill, which faced some opposition but was largely supported by the tech industry, included changes to the patent litigation system to increase transparency around which companies were bringing and threatening lawsuits and to create disincentives for companies that bring meritless lawsuits in the hopes of getting a settlement.

Airline CEOs Getting Ready for Innovation Takeoff

The 2014 Global Airline CEO Survey finds that as profits are rising, the heads of major airlines are looking to invest in research and development. Eighty-two percent of the 39 airline CEOs surveyed say they are confident in airline industry revenues over the next year, compared to 68% of CEOs across all industries.

VTech®'s Innovation Shines With Kidizoom® Smartwatch: World's First Smartwatch For Kids With Built-In Camera

Kidizoom® Smartwatch. The world's first Smartwatch for kids, this innovative, multi-function watch is packed with robust features such as a built-in camera, video and fun photo effects, offering an enriching fun and educational experience in a wearable, kid-friendly, take-anywhere gadget.

Al Franken at Free Press Panel: The Internet Is the First Amendment Issue of Our Time

Innovation and investment on the free and open internet didn’t just happen “while” net neutrality existed, but “because” net neutrality happened.

TechAmerica Foundation Launches Commission on Technology Convergence

The TechAmerica Foundation is launching a Technology Convergence Commission to bring technology leaders together to make recommendations to the U.S. Administration on the convergence of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies and their ability to improve government efficiency, services and capabilities while driving innovation and the economy.


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