Why Corporate Innovations Fail

Iliya Rybchin of the Highnote Foundry and formally of Bloomberg discusses where innovations break down in the corporate world.

What does the Pentagon’s latest call for innovation mean for contractors?

Without more details, contractors may be slow to embrace the initiative, according to defense analysts. “The department is still deliberating on how much money will be shifted or applied to these technology areas, and we do not think defense companies will chase these technologies until there is a better understanding of the payoff,” Roman Schweizer, a defense policy analyst at Guggenheim Securities, wrote in an analyst note.

Lockheed Martin Opens Surface Navy Innovation Center

Lockheed Martin has opened the Surface Navy Innovation Center (SNIC) to support the development of new technologies for the U.S. Navy. The SNIC is a research, development and demonstration facility that brings together industry, government and academia to design the next generation of capabilities the surface fleet needs to combat evolving threats around the world.

Let’s Fix It: We’re Living in the Stone Age of Innovation

Are you thinking that this is what the U.S. patent system is for: to protect our innovations? How can this be a safe keeping of our innovation when on average, it costs an innovator over $3 million to simply defend their patent and protect their own works? I don’t know a single innovator who would stand a chance defending themselves if challenged at this level.

Innovation Requires Humility and Courage

Along the way to adulthood, however, most of us lost our childlike curiosity and our candor because we became consumed with being liked, being “smart”—which to us meant being right and not making mistakes—and protecting our self-image so as not to lose face. Innovators, however, can’t be consumed with always being right and can’t avoid mistakes and failures.

Obama plugs science, math education at ceremony

President Barack Obama said Thursday that 19 scientists, researchers and innovators who received the country's highest honor for their life-changing work embody the spirit of the nation and its "sense that we push against limits and that we're not afraid to ask questions."

Why Silicon Valley Shouldn’t Be the Model for Innovation

Not only is Silicon Valley pretty much impossible to recreate as an innovation eco-system, it’s also no longer the only global paradigm for innovation. The world has changed — drastically. But our understanding of how innovation works, and who benefits, has failed to change with it.

CBO examines how fed policy, system changes can spur US innovation

The federal government can change a number of existing policies around research and development, education and tax to spur greater U.S. innovation, a new Congressional Budget Office report said. The report (pdf) released Nov. 17 also examined what changes can be made to immigration policy, the patent system and the regulatory environment.

Where in the World is Innovation in Education?

Our 2014 Powerful Answers Award (PAA) received thousands of entries from around the globe – each one vying for the chance to win a $1 million prize and an opportunity to change the world through innovations in education, transportation, sustainability and healthcare. Out of more than 1,870 submissions, ten inspiring finalists were chosen in the Education category.

Regulation will hurt innovation

The Internet is an incredible success in free speech, anti-regulation, entrepreneurship, and innovation — any government interference would limit free speech and stifle innovation.

This Is the Innovation That Gave Birth to the Modern World

Steve Wozniak cofounded Apple in 1976 and designed the Apple I and Apple II computers, ushering in the era of personal computing. In this introduction to Popular Mechanics' new Technology Issue, the Woz explains what a true innovation is, and why the transistor is the great one of all time.

Another Pentagon official calls for innovation

Robert Work, the Pentagon’s deputy secretary of defense, joined the chorus of defense officials pushing for technological innovation in remarks delivered at a think tank event last week. In a keynote speech given at the Center for Strategic and International Studies’s annual Global Security Forum, Work said the Pentagon is getting ready to detail a new effort to drive innovation in defense.

Hagel: US Needs Game-Changing Military Innovation

Hagel announced a "defense innovation initiative" that he likened to historic and successful campaigns during the Cold War to offset military advantages of U.S. adversaries. He described a "game-changing" strategy to sharpen American's military edge in the face of budget impasses on Capitol Hill. "We must change the way we innovate, operate and do business," he told a defense forum at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Big Companies Say Their Innovation Spending Will Change Significantly Over Next Decade, According to Findings of Strategy&'s 2014 Global Innovation 1000 Study

Large multi-national companies report that they expect the focus of their innovation efforts and investments to change significantly over the next decade -- moving toward a far greater emphasis on riskier initiatives and breakthrough innovations, according to the newly released, tenth annual 2014 Global Innovation 1000 Study from Strategy&, part of the PwC network. The study includes a survey of over 500 innovation leaders at nearly 500 companies.

China set to overtake U.S., Europe, Japan in research spending

"China is now a major driver of global R&D," according to the OECD report "Science, Technology and Industry Outlook 2014." "The United States has long been, and still is, at the forefront of cutting-edge science, technology and innovation," the OECD report noted, adding: "The U.S. lead is narrowing in spite of its world-class universities and global technology comapnies."


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