Data-Driven Cities: Urban Innovation Goes National

With fewer bureaucratic hurdles than both the federal or state governments, and the opportunity for charismatic mayors to drive local change, cities around the United States and the world are experimenting with new ways to use technology to create business opportunities and improve citizens’ lives.

PM Modi's US visit: Defense, science & technology to lead India-US partnership

The tech-savvy prime minister himself set the tone ahead of his interactions, saying the US "continues to inspire India" in education and innovation, and he strongly believes in the possibilities of technology to transform governance and empower people in India.

Five Actions Policymakers Should Take to Spur U.S. Innovation

This week, SIA submitted recommendations about five such initiatives to the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and National Economic Council (NEC). SIA’s comments were in response to a request for information from the White House as it updates its Strategy for American Innovation.

Lockheed Martin CEO Outlines Technology Priorities

Hewson outlined the Corporations’ strategic technology initiatives, highlighted new Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education efforts and challenged the audience to collaborate across the globe, connect technology development efforts to meet future customer needs and help inspire the next generation of technical leaders.

A Proven Approach To Making Giant Leaps Forward In Innovation

When thinking about innovation, companies often focus efforts on incremental improvements. While continual betterment makes sense to a certain degree, it doesn’t paint a full picture of what’s actually happening, and it certainly doesn’t protect behemoths from being overthrown by their scrappy startup counterparts.

Improving Innovation Climate Critical to US Economic Future

The conclusion of the PAI is simple: “The United States must continue to protect and champion our innovators who rely on intellectual property in our innovation economy… improving the climate of innovation policy is crucial if the United States hopes to retain its global economic leadership.”

Partnership for American Innovation lends support to White House crowdsourcing initiative

In its new “Strategy for American Innovation,” the White House has thrown open the doors, asking American innovators to help crowdsource ideas that will help drive the future of the natioin’s inventiveness and ingenuity. PAI shows support for the Strategy for American Innovation, citing the importance of a strong IP system to the US economy.

Senator Jay Rockefeller: Bill will support innovation, education in science and technology

To make sure Congress is living up to this obligation, I introduced the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2014. The bill supports a wide range of critical research efforts both at government agencies and at non-government research institutions while also advancing STEM education and working to move our best research results from the lab to the marketplace. COMPETES was first passed seven years ago to secure long-term investments in science and technology.

Question And Answer With Professor On Future Of Virtual Reality Tech

While recent reports hint at an Oculus product release by next summer, LaValle is setting up research labs for Oculus and the university. He’s also preparing a new course on virtual reality that he’ll teach next spring. He shares his hopes for the technology and what he learned about Silicon Valley.

Brown sponsors bill to boost U.S. manufacturing innovation, teamwork

Brown is the sponsor of a bill that would create a National Network of Manufacturing Innovation, bringing together industry, higher-education institutions, federal agencies and other levels of government to push manufacturing innovation. That bill passed the House by voice vote this week. In the Senate, it awaits a full vote after it passed a committee in April.

The Many Cultures of Innovation

What is the difference? For me, innovation requires a radical new understanding of some basic questions of your craft. When James Dyson’s team designed a new fan, they did not improve the design of the blades: they created a quite new way of moving air without blades at all.

Manufacturing Bill Passes House

Tom Reed’s Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act, or “RAMI,” passed the House today with a strong showing of support from Members on both sides of the aisle.

The New Intel: Defining the Future Starts at the Top

Intel nailed it at its recent developer forum, showing off innovative products that honor the hard work of its employees and partners while also setting a high standard for other vendors to follow. Crucially, it all started with CEO Brian Krzanich.

Solar Continues Trumping Fossil Fuel Pricing, With More Innovations To Come

The average solar panel now costs around 75% less than it did just five years ago and continues to fall despite the total decimation of the heavily subsidized US solar manufacturing industry.

Patent Reform and the Future of Innovation

Two years ago the America Invents Act ushered in a comprehensive overhaul of the U.S. patent system. The purpose was to stimulate innovation and business creation by strengthening the value of patents. One noticeable change was changing the patent system from "first to invent" to "first inventor to file."


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