What Major Brands Really Think About Innovation

Only one third of professionals we surveyed define innovation as large, infrequent new products, services, or changes to the brand. Innovation means more than just “game changing” new product launches. At IBM Europe, innovation leader Charlotte Newton distinguishes between "invention," which might come from an R&D department, and "innovation," which delivers value by deploying new ideas or existing ideas within a new context.

Pentagon urges industry to innovate, take risks to meet threats

The U.S. Defense Department is expanding its dialogue with weapons makers about emerging threats and potential technology solutions, a top U.S. official said on Tuesday, urging companies to invest in areas such as "big data" and quantum sciences.

How well known is the term innovation deficit?

Unscientific, anecdote-level Google sampling establishes that in recent years the phrase—actually coined well before 2013—has indeed caught on among academics and business people who concern themselves with science and technology issues. But if occurrences in general journalism are any indicator, the phrase appears to have some distance to go before it gains the household-word status that its promoters likely hope to see.

Maryland Unveils STEM Strategic Plan, Tools to Spark Innovation

The Maryland State Department of Education today announced a new strategic plan for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education and launched a new website designed to kindle innovation in classrooms throughout the State.

Why There Are Too Many Chiefs And Not Enough Innovation

Title inflation has created some truly hideous job titles, the worst being Chief Innovation Officer. As Tim Cook recently remarked, "as soon as a company has a Chief Innovation Officer you know that company has a problem." For agencies today, innovation should be the day job. Creating a fancy job title for someone to wave an innovation flag is merely an attempt to mask an agency’s lack of real innovation.

Why This Tech Historian Thinks Robots are the Key to Human Innovation

Walter Isaacson is an acclaimed CEO, editor and author of several books about revered innovators, such as Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs. He’s sure the key to human innovation is collaboration. But more and more, that collaboration is involving nonhuman partners.

5 Consumer Companies Considered More Innovative Than Apple

Whether we're talking about a pharmaceutical company developing the latest treatment to fight cancer, a bank testing a new mobile payment system to heighten banking security and improve convenience for customers, or a restaurant testing out a new dinner menu and looking to boost dining traffic and please palates, innovation is the foundation from which great businesses grow.

Separating Fact from Fiction in the TPP

IP plays a critical role in establishing ecosystems of innovation that propel economic growth and competitiveness in developed and developing economies. Laws that protect IP lead to not only increased foreign direct investment (especially critical for developing nations), but also to continued innovation.

A conversation with the U.S. Energy Secretary on energy innovation and the Valley’s role

A year and a half after taking the lead at the Department of Energy, Ernie Moniz reflects on changes to the loan programs, and how the government and Silicon Valley can fund energy innovation.

Health Care Summit Highlights New Innovation

Imagine reading blood test results through an app on your iPhone. Or maybe you’re connecting online with a doctor and getting a late-night diagnosis via teleconference. The future of health care filled the conversations on October 22, during the 3rd Annual Health Care Summit hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

Innovation Reconsidered

What drives innovation? What stops it in its tracks? As part of Design Week Portland, a multidisciplinary exploration of the process, craft, and practice of design, I got to pose those questions to four business innovators: Jeff Faulkner, Creative Director for Analog at Microsoft; Micheael Shea, former creative director at Nike's Innovation Kitchen and cofounder of School+Jackson; Mohan Nair, Chief Innovation Officer at Cambia Health Solutions; and Genevieve Bell, Intel Vice President & Fellow.

Energy Department Announces $53 Million to Drive Innovation, Cut Cost of Solar Power

Building on President Obama's Climate Action Plan to cut carbon pollution and continue U.S. leadership in clean energy innovation, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced more than $53 million for 40 innovative research and development (R&D) projects that aim to drive down the cost of solar energy, tackling key aspects of technology development in order to bring innovative ideas to the market more quickly.

Bartiromo: Mobile rules, ex-Apple chief says

I caught up with Sculley to get his thoughts on where the innovation is and how it is changing our jobs and lives. Sculley is betting on artificial intelligence and growth in the emerging markets with new game-changing companies.

Why innovation needs both art and science

Like many aspects of the digital age, this idea that innovation resides where art and science connect is not new. Leonardo da Vinci was the exemplar, and his drawing of the Vitruvian Man became the symbol, of the creativity that flourishes when the humanities and sciences interact.

Apple-1 computer sold at auction for $905,000

The computer, which went under the hammer for $750,000 at Bonham’s History of Science auction in New York Wednesday, was bought by The Henry Ford museum complex in Dearborn, Mich. The buyer's commission took the computer's total price to $905,000. “It has actually been on our collecting plan for many, many years,” Patricia Mooradian, president of The Henry Ford, told “To have this Apple-1 is very important because our collection focuses on innovation, ingenuity, and resourcefulness, which are great American traditions.”


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