More students choosing career in engineering

At the UW-Madison College of Engineering, the state’s largest engineering school, the past few years have seen a dramatic rise in the number of engineering students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. There were about 4,850 students enrolled in the fall of 2014, which exceeded what the college predicted for the fall of 2015. The turnaround appeared to begin in the 2009-10 academic year and has continued ever since, with the most rapid increases in the past three years.

New Raytheon grants help teachers raise the next generation of engineers

Raytheon Company is awarding 36 Engineering is Elementary® (EiE) Scholarships to teachers in disadvantaged, rural or inner city schools across the country. Each teacher will receive $2,500 towards implementing the innovative EiE curriculum developed by the Museum of Science, Boston.

Industry filling shortage of highly skilled engineers

One of the main reasons for hiring challenges is all major oil and gas operators and service companies are competing for the same talent. In addition, companies have implemented strong retention packages for the majority of their engineering professionals.

Women Are Still Underrepresented In STEM Fields: Are Gender Stereotypes To Blame?

A book called “Barbie: I Can Be A Computer Engineer” was published in 2010. Recently, however, the book has undergone great criticism for its blatantly sexist portrayal of females in the industries of science, technology and engineering.

To get engineers, companies offer advancement, culture and, yes, cash

The tech-talent debate continues: Some say Chicago and the U.S. suffer a critical shortage of engineers and developers. Others say that’s a myth. But all agree that companies must fight to grab the best. And Chicago companies are taking their best shots. Some experts say the engineers are here — it’s just a matter of attracting them. They say that takes finesse, a balance between wooing job candidates with compelling projects and enticing them with cash, benefits and flexibility.

America needs better rounded engineers, NASA vet says

You can be the greatest engineer or physicist in the world, but if you can't talk to anybody or you don't understand budgeting, or you don't understand the political nature of whatever you're in, you might as well be in a closet somewhere."

The Most In-Demand (And Aging) Engineering Jobs

Not pre-med. Not business. Not computer science. The most popular college major choice for high school seniors surveyed by CareerBuilder—the majority of whom already have a career in mind—is engineering.

Toyota U.S.A. Foundation Helps Develop the Engineers and Scientists of Tomorrow by Supporting STEM Education Today

The Toyota U.S.A. Foundation will distribute grants in 2014 to 23 organizations that offer innovative K-12 programs, which focus on science, technology, environmental science and math and serve diverse communities across all 50 states. More information on the 2014 grantees.

Colleges, Employers Team Up to Train, Hire High-Tech Workers

"Industry is not getting either the quality or quantity of employees they need," says Anthony P. Carnevale, director of Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. "So they are having to get involved."

Wal-Mart’s Rick Webb says nation must do more to boost STEM education

Over the past few years the retailer has added at least 600 engineers to its ranks to continually look at each process from the supplier to store shelves with goals of streamlining logistics and reducing costs. “The bottom line is that engineers are critical to accomplishing the global footprint and profitability of Wal-mart...

National Science Foundation Funds Big Idea in Small Engineering

An idea for a new way to test some of the smallest pieces of our planet has earned a large award—more than $2.2 million to be exact—from the National Science Foundation for a pair of UT professors in the College of Engineering.

International students come to US for business, STEM education

Engineering was especially popular with international doctoral students -- more than a quarter of them were enrolled in that discipline. The top source city for foreign students in the STEM fields, Hyderabad, India, sent nearly 9,000 students to the United States seeking engineering degrees -- a figure topped only by the number studying computer and information sciences.

How to Get Girls Into Engineering? Let Them Build Toys

Two Women Launch a Startup Aimed at Giving Girls New Options (and Maybe New Futures). In May 2012 they launched a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the development of their toys, which they dubbed Roominate. The idea: Girls get a set of pastel-colored pieces that they can assemble into a building or any other type of structure. Once the building is built, they can decorate it with the included paper and other embellishments and use the motor to add electrical appliances, fans or anything else that uses power.

The top 10 engineering colleges in the U.S.

Engineering is one of the highest paid degrees you can get -- and it’s a popular choice for students who are interested in building and developing products, as well as for those who have a knack for math and science.

40 Percent Of Female Engineers Are Leaving The Field. This Might Be Why.

While all of the efforts channeled towards getting girls to study science, technology, engineering and math have certainly increased graduation rates in these programs, they haven't seemed to counter one particular setback for women in engineering: Once they make it into the field, they often leave.


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