High-tech tutoring: Big media, big start-ups & big money

The $7 billion market for tutoring services is in the midst of a transformation, driven by new technology. And it's not just nonprofits like Khan Academy and for-profit online schools like University of Phoenix that are making it happen.

5 important K-12 conversations on Twitter

Whether discussing the latest trends in STEM education, curriculum and assessments, best practices, or mobile technology, there are plenty of ed-tech conversations to follow on Twitter -- and lots of good insight for K-12 leaders.

Chromebooks Win the Battle in U.S. K-12 Education Market

The Google-operated devices accounted for almost 30 percent of all education shipments in Q2. The devices also outnumbered shipments of notebooks running the Windows and MacOS operating systems combined.

One-stop privacy shop just in time for the new school year

With ‘back to school’ now in full-swing, and to address both the promise and challenges surrounding privacy and data in education, the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) today unveiled a one-stop shop resource website providing parents, school officials, policymakers, and service providers easy access to the laws, standards and guidelines that are essential to understanding student privacy issues and navigating a responsible path to managing student data with trust, integrity, and transparency.

Is Google's Free Software A Good Deal For Educators?

Kaitlin Morgan says, this year, her school district is going "full Google." Morgan teaches U.S. and world history and advises the yearbook at Woodlake Union High School in California's Central Valley. At Woodlake, "full Google" means a plan to have one Google Chromebook for every two students by the spring, running Google Apps.

Public Education (Finally) Speeds into Digital Age

Despite the endless partisan gridlock in Washington, a groundbreaking vote by the Federal Communications Commission to restructure how it spends taxes on mobile phones will make a real difference in America's public schools.

Big Data Education: Why Learning Will Never Be the Same

Technology and data collection in the classroom are a reality, and the field is changing so fast, it’s nearly impossible to predict what kids even a few years from now will accept as part of the norm of their education. It’s yet another example of the ways in which big data is becoming an inextricable part of everyday life. But when it comes to our children’s education, is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

Education Apps to Help Inspire Students and Teachers

New technologies are changing the ways that educators teach, the ways that students learn and the ways that teachers and students communicate. The proliferation of tablets and other smart devices, for example, has been matched by the development of myriad apps designed to help inspire and engage both students and teachers in new ways.

It's time for schools to upgrade both technology and pedagogy

As students return to school, it's time to think about absolute necessities like pens, paper, school clothes, a laptop or tablet and, of course, a learning network that enables them to interact with fellow students and teachers.

Technology in the 2014 Classroom

"What we need to do now," says Clarke, "is teach children how to use the technology and how to make it meaningful, and, especially in the beginning, show them how to discern what's worth looking at." The concept of a high-tech classroom is in line with the goals of education leaders and policymakers across the country as the affordability of tablets and netbooks and improvements in WiFi speeds and connectivity continue to drastically transform the way students learn and teachers teach.

A primer on educational technology: Five terms parents need to understand

While many elementary, middle and high school students are already accustomed to technology-enabled classrooms, educators continue to incorporate digital learning innovations into their teaching styles. Even the most tech-savvy parents can find it difficult to keep up with all of the trends and terminology.

10 privacy steps for every district

With all of the confusion and uncertainty regarding privacy, it can be difficult for school technology leaders to know what they can or should be doing. It would be easy to lose sight of some concrete steps they can be taking today to better ensure privacy of student data.

The Modern Classroom: Students, Teachers and Data-Driven Education

The days of paper textbooks seem destined to become as distant a memory as cursive handwriting. In 2014, big data is reshaping the way students receive curriculum and learn, and the tools of the new and digital classroom are changing the dynamics for educators.

6 Tips for Finding Great Educational Apps for Kids

Here’s a dirty secret the people who build apps for kids rarely talk about: Most so-called “educational” titles suck. It’s not that developers are trying to build crappy apps. It’s just insanely difficult to get them right.

Start the Year Right With 3 Free Tech Tools for High School Teachers

Between setting up a classroom and lesson planning, it can be difficult for them to stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends. New digital tools can make it easier for teachers to manage their class and more efficiently ​assess a student's behavior.


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