Manufacturing innovation is key to boosting growth

Some pundits argue that American manufacturing is rebounding and returning to our shores. Others contend that manufacturing doesn’t matter anymore so we should not even focus on the sector.

Do Patents Truly Promote Innovation?

Do patents actually promote innovation and economic growth? We know from the historical record that in 19th century America, at least, most observers had no doubt that that the patent system was absolutely vital to U.S. economic success.

Analysis of G20 nations highlights shifts in emphasis

The study, which analyzed citation patterns in scientific research papers and the patent portfolios of the G20 over a ten-year-period, found that emerging markets, notably China and India, have made strides in closing the research and innovation gap with developed nations.

Hillary Clinton Confronts Silicon Valley On Income Disparity, Immigration Reform

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is pressing Silicon Valley technology leaders to take a stand on income inequality and immigration reform, calling on companies to invest in training programs and look at public and private solutions to the area's growing wealth gap.

Tech Executive Sounds Alarm About Need for U.S. Investment in STEM Education

Future American economic competitiveness depends on nation's ability to engage and train a robust STEM-focused workforce.

"Showcasing the Bioeconomy: The Future is Now" Biotechnology Conference

The conference focused on innovations in three areas - agricultural, health, and industrial biotechnology - with speakers discussing opportunities for job growth and economic development presented by the global bioeconomy, the current policy climate, and regulatory trends.

U.S. innovation drives manufacturing’s charge

By any standard, 2013 was a big rebound year for manufacturing, and the momentum continues into 2014.

American Innovation Better Than Ever

Measured as patents per capita, the United States takes first place by a large margin, followed by Japan, Switzerland, Finland and Israel. The late Steve Jobs at Apple held 317 patents himself.

"2013-14 State of the Future" by The Millennium Project

The “State of the Future” is a comprehensive overview of the present situation and prospects for humanity, integrating forecasts, trends, and judgments of thought leaders and scholars from around the world sharing important future possibilities to improve strategies today.

Walmart, Walmart Foundation and the U.S. Conference of Mayors Launch $10 Million U.S. Manufacturing Innovation Fund

Anticipated participating organizations include research and academic institutions, think tanks and other non-profit entities focused on innovations in manufacturing.

White House’s Technology Push a Double-Edged Sword for Low-Wage Workers

Boosting productivity through technology has long been a double-edged sword for some American workers.

On American Scientists' Dismal Morale

The results of a survey by The Chronicle of Higher Education exploring the financial situation of academic researchers are dismal indeed.

The Lone Star rises in high-tech exports

The cliche “Everything is bigger in Texas” now applies to high-tech exports.

We need a moon shot to propel women into computer science careers

If there is any hope of reversing the stunning decline of women's participation in computing, it is going to take an effort of moonshot magnitude radiating from Washington, D.C.

Economy Misses Out With Low Black, Latino STEM Employment

The U.S. workforce could employ as many as 140,000 additional African-American and Latino college graduates in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields annually...


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