Banks offer cybersecurity advice to government

An influential advocate for banks and financial services on Monday released 10 principles it believes the government should follow when issuing new cybersecurity regulations. While a partnership between the government and private industry is important, information sharing should be "limited to cybersecurity purposes," according to the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA).

Cyberattacks trigger talk of ‘hacking back’

The mere mention of it within cybersecurity circles can prompt a lecture about the many risks, starting with the fact that most forms of hacking back are illegal and ending with warnings that retaliating could spark full-scale cyberwar, with collateral damage across the Internet. Yet the idea of hacking back — some prefer the more genteel-sounding “active defense” — has gradually gained currency as frustration grows about the inability of the government to stem lawlessness in cyberspace, experts say.

Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness month

There is little as customers that we can do about the security of the companies and government agencies with which we conduct business, but there are things we can do to protect ourselves from identity theft and the effects of massive data breaches that are a part of modern life.

The ethics of Hacking 101

Shenoi, Brumley and Hotz are players in a controversial area of technology: the teaching and practice of what is loosely called “cyberoffense.” In a world in which businesses, the military and governments rely on computer systems that are potentially vulnerable, having the ability to break into those systems provides a strategic advantage.

What The United States Can Learn From Israel About Cybersecurity

Two weeks ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the creation of a new cyber defense authority to defend Israel’s civilian networks. This is the latest in a series of steps taken by Israel’s government to bridge the public-private cyber divide and bolster the country’s position as a global leader in cybersecurity.

White House Cybersecurity Plans Hinge on Industry Dialogue

October marks Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an occasion Jay Healey, director of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative at the Atlantic Council, greeted with a stark warning. "We've been losing. We've been losing every step of the way. We are still losing today," Healey said at an event hosted by the Information Technology Industry Council and the law firm King and Spalding. "If anything, the bad guys are continuing to pull away from us."

Former DHS chief offers cyber insurance package

Ridge on Monday announced a new cyber insurance package that he said should make it easier for companies to safeguard their networks and their bottom lines.

Survey: Young Adults Are Unaware Of Cybersecurity Profession

Millennials aged 18 to 26 understand the importance of protecting themselves online and the majority take steps to do so, the poll of 1,000 young adults, found. But while this awareness has sparked an interest in Internet security, more than six in 10 of the respondents were unaware of the cybersecurity profession and what the job entailed.

Cardin, Mikulski Announce Nearly $15 Million to Strengthen Cyber Job Training at Maryland Community Colleges

U.S. Senators Ben Cardin and Barbara A. Mikulski (both D-Md.) today announced that the Department of Labor (DOL) has awarded $14,957,899 in federal funding to fourteen Maryland community colleges as part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) initiative.

Fewer Cyber Pros, More Cyber Problems

According to two recent analyses, we do not have an adequate workforce to address the government’s growing and critical cybersecurity needs. The lack of cybersecurity expertise coupled with the small number of skilled workers has created a fearsome trend.

Congress punts hacker fight to 2015

Congress is punting the fight against hackers to next year. Lawmakers have indicated that they are already preparing ways to protect against the scourge of data breaches, even though they have largely failed to mount a successful response to major attacks at stores like Target and Home Depot.

US regulator raises alarm for 'Armageddon-type' cyber attack

After a year of prominent hackings of millions of US credit and debit cards, one of the top regulators regulators of the American financial system has said that the prospect of an “Armageddon-type cyber event” is one of the most significant issues he plans to address in the next year.

3 Data Protection Questions to Ask at Your Child's Back to School Night

Back to school night is a great opportunity to engage with your child's teachers to learn more about their academic and classroom goals for the year. It's also an opportunity for parents to ask questions about the technology their child will use in class this year, and how the data that is gathered about their child will be protected.

U.S.-China Rifts on Hacking, Spying Put Aside for Climate

The threat of climate change is driving China and the U.S. -- frequent rivals and the world’s two largest greenhouse-gas emitters -- to collaborate on dozens of potential clean-energy breakthroughs.

Chinese hacked U.S. military contractors, Senate panel finds

The Senate Armed Services Committee's year-long probe, concluded in March but made public on Wednesday, found the military's U.S. Transportation Command, or Transcom, was aware of only two out of at least 20 such cyber intrusions within a single year.


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