State Lawmakers Ramp Up Attention to Student Data Privacy

As the appetite for educational data on students has grown across the K-12 sector, so has the stated desire among many state lawmakers to try to protect the privacy and security of sensitive student information.

The U.S. Government Wants 6,000 New 'Cyber Warriors' by 2016

"You would think, with all those benefits and a hot area, cybersecurity, that people would just be pouring into the program," says Piotrowski. "We have a very, very tiny pipeline."

Heartbleed bug: What you need to know (FAQ)

The security vulnerability has implications for users across the Web. Here's what the bug means for you.

Stopping the #Heartbleed: What Edtech Entrepreneurs Must Let Users Know

Given the recent influx of web-based tools in education, this hole affecting two-thirds of the Internet is especially frightening for educators and schools as they scramble to determine whether their data and that of the students, families and communities they serve is at risk.

Growing Number of U.S. Adults Say They’ve Been Hacked

Amid concerns over Heartbleed, new survey data reports that nearly one in five online adults claim to have had personal information such as credit card numbers stolen.

Pursuing Technology Superiority in a Changing Security Environment

Subcommittee on Intelligence, Emerging Threats & Capabilities. (Witness statements)

Obama to meet with U.S. tech executives on privacy, surveillance

Executives of several large U.S. Internet companies, including Google Inc and Facebook Inc, were to meet with President Barack Obama on Friday to discuss changes to government surveillance programs.

Report says California targeted by cyber-gangs

International criminal enterprises follow the money, and a report being released Thursday says they are increasingly focusing on California because of its wealth and innovation.

Lawsuit Alleges That Google Has Crossed A 'Creepy Line' With Student Data

As part of a potentially explosive lawsuit making its way through federal court, giant online-services provider Google has acknowledged scanning the contents of millions of email messages sent and received by student users of the company’s Apps for Education tool suite for schools.

7 Real Cybersecurity Threats

Hackers, mostly foreign. The Target hack and the vast majority of cybercrime, cybersecurity breaches, and malware attacks are the handy work of hackers based in Russia, China, the U.S. and other countries.

Regulator warns bitcoin carries ‘significant risk’

In a notice published Tuesday, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) said speculative trading in the virtual currency “carries significant risk,” including the possibility of falling victim to fraud.

US lawmakers call for data protection standards to avoid breaches

Legislators push for US credit cards to include chip technology.

Hackers turn attention to American universities

Recent data breaches at some of America’s largest higher education institutions are highlighting the vulnerability of students’ and faculty’s private information — and the constant threat universities across the country face.

At MIT, weighing balance of privacy and big data

Government, business and academic leaders gathered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Monday to discuss whether new policies are needed to regulate the use of big data...

How to Protect Your Personal Data

While it's true that marketers, the government, data aggregators and others are gathering and analyzing more data than ever about every individual, you can still exert some control over what's out there, who's tracking you and what they do with that information.


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