Executives at AT&T and DirecTV Defend Their Broadband Merger Against its Critics

This proposed merger isn’t like that of Comcast and Time Warner Cable, said AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson. AT&T and DirecTV offer mostly complementary services with little overlap. A merger would allow both companies to “respond to consumer demand.”

Digital education could make Americans more competitive, close achievement gap

"If a teacher has class of 30 students and they don't have technology, the very best teachers are bouncing from student to student," said Karen Cator, president of Digital Promise, a nonprofit working with individual school systems that are going high tech. "When students have technology they can be helping themselves in some sense, and the teacher can come in when they're most needed."

Alibaba signals that China is an innovative tech center

China is still a center for low-cost manufacturing. But its government's goal has long been for businesses to become creators, not just makers, say experts on China, and the country is fast shedding its image as the workhorse of the tech industry.

U.S. Manufacturers Say Skills Gap Could Compromise Competitiveness

American manufacturers are increasingly finding that prospective workers do not have the skill set required to perform necessary job functions, such as basic math and computer abilities.

Will China become a formidable innovation heavyweight in the future?

In 2013, China’s patent filings under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) ranked third in the world, growing 15.6% year on year (YoY). China’s patent filing growth outpaced global growth in 2013, which was 5.1%YoY. The US ranked first with 57,239 patent applications, 2.7times more than China; Japan ranked second with 43,918 patent applications, two times more than China.

Once Again, R&D Competitiveness Debate Looks at China

Appropriations season is getting into full swing on the Hill, and Senate appropriators have heard from top administration science officials about federal research funding and innovation.

American manufacturing 2.0

To create jobs and remain competitive abroad, our economy must have an advanced manufacturing sector driven by innovative U.S. companies that make things here.

Most business leaders believe innovation is critical for U.S. colleges to remain globally competitive

While most exec­u­tives express sup­port for the Amer­ican system of higher edu­ca­tion, they also believe the U.S. is falling behind global com­peti­tors and inad­e­quately preparing grad­u­ates to suc­ceed in the modern workforce.

The end of net neutrality?

The World Wide Web party may be over. If proposed regulations from the FCC become the law of the land, they will close the open bar that has allowed digital information to flow freely over the Internet.

High-Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshops Highlight Boston's National Small Business Week

Workshops on  developing high-tech companies, business matchmaking and tips on finding capital to start or grow a successful business are among the top draws planned for the May 15  National Small Business Week event in Boston.

Understanding U.S. S&T Competitiveness

For 42 years the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) has been producing its biennial Science and Engineering Indicators report, and since 1998 it has included a chapter “Industry, Technology and the Global Marketplace.”

China could outpace U.S. science funding by 2022, NSF says

Federal investment into science faces the prospect of being outspent by China within a decade, warns National Science Foundation Acting Director Cora Marrett.

Writers Guild protests Comcast-Time Warner deal

Consumer advocates have been quick to criticize the deal, which they warn would too heavily consolidate the cable market.

China’s moon rover a wake-up call, former NASA division chief says

The U.S. has led in major technological advances in the 19th and 20th centuries, inventing, enhancing or perfecting many small steps and giant leaps. So why shouldn’t we continue to lead in space exploration -- including establishing a permanent human presence beyond our Earth?

New Manufacturing Institutes will Spur U.S. Innovation and Competitiveness

Across the country, communities are clamoring to land the next Manufacturing Innovation Institute, new “hubs” supported by the Obama Administration that are spurring the types of advanced technologies that will help grow the U.S. economy.


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