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Congress punts hacker fight to 2015

Congress is punting the fight against hackers to next year. Lawmakers have indicated that they are already preparing ways to protect against the scourge of data breaches, even though they have largely failed to mount a successful response to major attacks at stores like Target and Home Depot.

House Science Committee Hearing on NASA’s Planetary Science Programs

Committee members are enthusiastic supporters of NASA's Planetary Science Division.  There were few partisan differences expressed between the members, although the Obama Administration's budget requests for the Division were criticized by Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) as being insufficient.

Senator Jay Rockefeller: Bill will support innovation, education in science and technology

To make sure Congress is living up to this obligation, I introduced the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2014. The bill supports a wide range of critical research efforts both at government agencies and at non-government research institutions while also advancing STEM education and working to move our best research results from the lab to the marketplace. COMPETES was first passed seven years ago to secure long-term investments in science and technology.

House Passes Exascale Computing Bill

"The American Super Computing Leadership Act, is an important update to a current statute which will ensure that America stays at the forefront of supercomputing technology for the benefits it brings to our national security, the economy, and, more broadly, our research capabilitiesas a Nation," said Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-IL) describing this legislation which he introduced in June 2013. Hultgren was joined by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) in sponsoring the bill, as well as 21 other representatives from both parties.

Fight Over Digital Accessibility

At issue is a four-page provision in Senator Tom Harkin’s massive proposal to rewrite the Higher Education Act that would require a federal board to establish guidelines for evaluating whether instructional materials and other technology used on campuses are accessible to students with disabilities.

Brown sponsors bill to boost U.S. manufacturing innovation, teamwork

Brown is the sponsor of a bill that would create a National Network of Manufacturing Innovation, bringing together industry, higher-education institutions, federal agencies and other levels of government to push manufacturing innovation. That bill passed the House by voice vote this week. In the Senate, it awaits a full vote after it passed a committee in April.

Manufacturing Bill Passes House

Tom Reed’s Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act, or “RAMI,” passed the House today with a strong showing of support from Members on both sides of the aisle.

Senators unveil new bill to protect emails

The Law Enforcement Access to Data Stored Abroad (LEADS) Act would require that police obtain a warrant before being able to search through someone’s emails and other online documents and would also prevent authorities from using a warrant to nab data stored in servers overseas.

Millions for 'pointless' research

Given this unequivocal determination, why are American taxpayers underwriting efforts to actively undermine matters that have been settled by FDA itself? Why is one executive branch agency spending millions of dollars to attack the findings of another agency?

Senate calls hearing on energy tax policy

The Senate Finance Committee has scheduled a hearing on the “outdated” energy tax code and proposals to reform and improve it. The Sept. 17 hearing will be led by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), who became chairman of the Finance Committee earlier this year and has committed to comprehensively reforming the entire tax code since he became chairman.

Patent Reform and the Future of Innovation

Two years ago the America Invents Act ushered in a comprehensive overhaul of the U.S. patent system. The purpose was to stimulate innovation and business creation by strengthening the value of patents. One noticeable change was changing the patent system from "first to invent" to "first inventor to file."

Congress must modernize defense with innovation and intelligence

The United States and its allies are facing an era of unprecedented uncertainty and change. Across the globe, we are seeing the development and proliferation of advanced military technologies and disruptive warfare techniques that mean we can no longer take our military superiority and effectiveness for granted.

Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks

More than a dozen prominent Washington research groups have received tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments in recent years while pushing United States government officials to adopt policies that often reflect the donors’ priorities, an investigation by The New York Times has found.

Pelosi urges FCC to ban Internet ‘fast lanes’

Reclassifying broadband Internet so that it is regulated like traditional phone service would be a controversial step sure to draw ire from congressional Republicans and companies, who have already warned the commission against the move. Critics of reclassification have said that it would apply outdated 20th century regulations to the Internet, which could undermine the open nature of the Net.

Hill Returns, Focus Turns To FY2015 Stop-Gap

The House will vote either this week or next on a jobs package with four tax extender bills including a permanent extension of the R&D tax credit and a permanent extension of bonus depreciation legislation.


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