An Overview of All 25 Parts NASA & Made In Space Have 3D Printed in Space

In an incredible statement for the strength and capability of the printer, every 3D print was successful. As for whether the actual quality of each 3D print is up to par, considering they were produced in space, that will be left up to researchers and scientists to decide upon the astronauts’ return, as they bring the 3D printed items back for further inspection.

Space flight as an incentive for students to take up STEM

A team of academics will investigate in a three-year project if school students will be more interested in STEM subjects if they are exposed to space flight missions. The £348,000 project is funded by the UK Space Agency and the Economic and Social Research Council (ERSC) and it is based on British astronaut Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in November this year.

Committee Examines R&D to Support Deployment of Commercial Drones

The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology today held a hearing to review research and development (R&D) performed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NASA that could facilitate commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly called drones, to be integrated into the National Airspace System.

NASA Funding for Your Basic Cell Research Could Be Orbiting Overhead

NASA’s Space Biology program solicits research proposals at least once a year. In the most recent cycle in 2014, 26 proposals were selected by peer-review with a total value of $12,612,260, with a remarkable 28% payline. The next call for proposals will likely be in late spring or early fall of 2015.

SpaceX Raises $1Bln in Financing From Google,Fidelity to Support Innovation

According to SpaceX, Google and Fidelity have become fifth and sixth investors of the company and will own collectively almost 10 percent of SpaceX.  "Space-based applications, like imaging satellites, can help people more easily access important information, so we're excited to support SpaceX's growth as it develops new launch technologies," a Google spokesperson was quoted as saying by CNNMoney.

The best drones to fly in 2015

An in-depth look at the current state of the art in floating, flying, camera-toting aircraft.

NASA's Dawn spacecraft releases new images of dwarf planet Ceres

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is approaching the dwarf planet Ceres and new images released Monday show a closer view of the planet’s surface. "We know so much about the solar system and yet so little about dwarf planet Ceres. Now, Dawn is ready to change that," said Marc Rayman, Dawn's chief engineer and mission director, according to a news release from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Third Lockheed Martin-Built MUOS Secure Communications Satellite Launched And Responding To Commands

The third Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellite built by Lockheed Martin for the U.S. Navy is now responding to commands after being launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Jan. 20th. An initialization team, led by the company, is operating the MUOS-3 satellite from the Naval Satellite Operations Center located at the Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, California.

NASA Joins White House, from Ground and Space, to Discuss State of STEM Education in America

NASA will join the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) Wednesday, Jan. 21 for its third annual State of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (SoSTEM) event. The event will air live on NASA Television, beginning at 1 p.m. EST, and also will be live-streamed online.

R&D on drones

The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee plans a hearing Wednesday afternoon on unmanned aerial systems R&D, with testimony from, among others, John Lauber, co-chair of the National Research Council Committee on Autonomy research for Civil Aviation; John Hansman, professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT, and senior NASA and Federal Aviation Administration officials.

Astronauts Close to Moving Into Space Station for Year

Two people are not enough from a scientific perspective, NASA's space station program scientist, Julie Robinson, said Thursday. The space agency wants to start collecting data from Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko before making any firm decisions on further one-year missions, she said. It will be the first time NASA sends someone into space for 12 months; station stints typically last six months.

NASA rockets to explore the northern lights

The aurora borealis, one of nature's most spectacular displays, will get a visit from several unmanned NASA research rocket probes in Alaska over the next couple of weeks. The missions will look at the roles the aurora plays in Earth's weather and their impact on the planet's atmosphere.

SpaceX deserves praise for audacious rocket landing attempt, say experts

The firm’s Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Fla. on Jan.10, successfully taking its Dragon supply ship on a mission to the International Space Station. In a bold experiment, SpaceX attempted to land the first stage of the unmanned Falcon rocket on a platform floating a couple of hundred miles off Florida’s northeastern coast. The booster, however, came down too hard and broke apart, according to SpaceX founder Elon Musk.

Redirecting Asteroid Not Top Objective of Asteroid Redirect Mission, NASA Official Says

Asteroid redirection has dominated public discussion of ARM, both in the press and in the halls of Congress, since NASA unveiled the proposed mission with great fanfare almost two years ago. Yet now, according to Johnson, NASA might not even make redirection of a boulder or asteroid a requirement for mission success.

Elon Musk Won’t Send You Into Orbit Looking Frumpy

SpaceX has grand ambitions of commercial missions to the moon and to Mars. In the process, the company wants its future travelers’ spacesuits to be not just safe, but also snappy. “We are putting a lot of effort into design aesthetics, not just utility,” SpaceX founder and Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said of the suit on Jan. 5 in a Reddit “ask me anything” session. “It needs to both look like a 21st century spacesuit and work well. Really difficult to achieve both.”


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