Revisiting the STEM workforce

April 23, 2015

Revisiting the STEM Workforce, a new report by the National Science Board (NSB), offers insights about long-standing workforce debates and seeks to catalyze constructive policy discussions about this critical and dynamic component of the nation's economy.

Drawing on its biennial Science and Engineering Indicators report, the NSB's latest report highlights the growing need for STEM knowledge and skills in a 21st Century economy. In 2010, 16.5 million individuals--including many in non-STEM jobs, such as sales, marketing and management--reported that their job required at least a bachelor's degree level of science and engineering (S&E) expertise. This represents about three times the number of individuals working in occupations classified as S&E (5.4 million).

"The character of the STEM workforce is much more expansive than when NSF was founded 65 years ago," said NSB Chairman Dan Arvizu. "New industries and the growing importance of STEM skills in jobs not traditionally thought of as STEM, means that we must revisit what we mean by a 'STEM worker'."

National Science Board