CSSP Chat Discussions

April 28, 2019

In response to a strong interest in continual interactive collaborative informative conversations with both current and potential Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP) members, two CSSP members, Lisa Keefe and John Downing, have put together a fabulous program for monthly CSSP Chat sessions. These sessions are being held on the third Thursday of the month at 12:30 pm ET. 

The Fifth CSSP Chat - “Improving diversity and inclusion in science societies (board, awards, plenaries) and Incident reporting and follow-up actions”  will be held Thursday, May 16, 2019, at 12:30 pm EST. 

This topic should prompt a lively exchange of thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Lisa Keefe will moderate the CSSP Chat, with participants sharing their experiences and knowledge to stimulate the conversation. 

We invite you to register here if you plan to join the conversation so know to wait for you before beginning the Chat. There is no cost for participation in these conversations. The CSSP Chat discussions have been organized on Bluejeans.com, a very easy to use video chat application that takes moments to set up and access.

 We look forward to seeing you on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 12:30 pm Eastern! 

Future CSSP Chat Schedule:

To register for future CSSP Chats and other events, please visit https://sciencepresidents.org/events/ or click on the chats below you are interested in:

Date   Topic
06-20-2019   Who is your target audience? members or constituents
07-18-2019   Promoting and assisting mid-career scientists
08-15-2019   Capturing and retaining Early Career scientists
09-19-2019   Managing transitions (retirement of leaders; transitions on boards/councils)
10-17-2019   Budgeting process: drafting, important features 
11-21-2019   Investments, endowments, and long-term funding 
12-19-2019   Liabilities & Insurances (E&O, bonding, etc. - attorney homework) (if your society doesn’t have a good attorney, you're probably going to need one!)