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White House to hold AI meeting with Amazon, Facebook, Google, others

May 09, 2018

The White House on Thursday will host a summit with major technology companies to discuss the development of artificial intelligence (AI). In total, over 100 senior government officials, academics, research and business leaders will participate, according to the White House. Their talks will focus on AI research and development and regulations.

Why Introducing Technology Into The Classrooms Is A Good Thing

May 08, 2018

The students of today are clearly very much engaged and interested in the idea of technology. So wouldn’t it be a great idea if the teachers would be able to harness this interest and bend it towards progress? Using technologically advanced tools such as the laptops, tablets, and smartphones, the entire idea of technology will come with many benefits for both teachers as well as students.

Five good reasons why engineering should be a focus for technology education

May 08, 2018

A lot of countries have included tech in basic and secondary school program to help students become more technologically literate. But sometimes school systems don’t pay much attention to the tech studies, and it often stays unfulfilled. There are still a lot of students and parents who don’t fully understand the meaning and purpose of it.

Bridging the digital divide: Problems with internet connectivity, technology acute in schools

May 07, 2018

Smartphones, tablet computers and other internet-oriented devices fill today’s digital age, and yet access to these common technologies is not universal. A full quarter of Americans were still without broadband as of about a year ago, according to TIME, and many U.S. young people experience what has become known as the digital divide on a daily basis in their schools throughout the country.

The STEM crisis: What the growing skills gap means for the economy and where we go from here

May 07, 2018

Our government wants businesses to stop outsourcing. It creates incentives to encourage the hiring of American workers. It implements policies to keep jobs and factories here in the U.S. And while these measures are all well-meaning, none of them ultimately tackle what is the greatest threat to our nation’s long-term economic prosperity--the technical skills gap in our workforce.