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The Great American Solar Eclipse

July 06, 2017

On August 21, 2017, the U.S. will be treated to its own solar eclipse-a total solar eclipse that wends its way mid-day over 90 minutes from Oregon to South Carolina. While only those in that direct path will see a total eclipse, the rest of the country will see some version of a partial solar eclipse during that time frame as well.

What the Creation of Apple's iPhone Teaches Us About Innovation

July 06, 2017

Today, we use our phones to do everything from hail rides to find dates to avoid any and all eye contact on public transportation. Of course, there were and are other smartphones out there, but it is hard to argue with how the iPhone has captured the consumer imagination with the potent combination of Apple’s technology, secrecy and flair for design.

How You Can Use the Power of STEM to Change Lives

July 05, 2017

Lee Lambert of nonprofit Washington STEM is quick to point out STEM-based skills hiding in plain view. “Anyone in construction, that’s STEM – no one can add fractions like those people! That big warehouse on the way to work could be a carpet liquidator or it could be an advanced manufacturing facility that makes precision water knives to cut through carbon fiber. That’s a STEM job too.”