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Laptops, Chromebooks and Tablets Most Valuable Education Tools, Teachers Say

September 12, 2016

Among those surveyed, an overwhelming 92 percent said they see laptops as either "essential" (49 percent) or "valuable" (43 percent) for teaching and learning. Chromebooks, as a separate category, also seem to be cherished by educators, with 80 percent saying they are essential (36 percent) or valuable (44 percent).

This country - not the U.S. - is the world leader for mobile apps and innovation

September 11, 2016

In truth, because of its isolation and historical background, China has developed a set of needs and wants that have shaped its online market into what it is today. As you will soon see, thanks to innovations and thorough integration with daily life, the Chinese mobile-first market is leaving its Western counterparts in the dust.