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U.S. science groups have 20 questions for candidates

August 10, 2016

Politicians talk about issues they think will sway voters, a tenet that explains why U.S. presidential candidates never say much about science, research, and innovation on the campaign trail. That perennial silence frustrates scientific leaders, who feel that citizens deserve to know where the candidates stand on issues ranging from climate change to cybersecurity.

Why Technology Always Increases Costs for (Quality) Education

August 10, 2016

The idea that technology can lower the cost of education while improving quality - or improve quality while keeping costs steady, or lower costs while keeping quality steady - is anchored in basic misconception about how technology behaves. This misconception is that new technologies substitute for existing actions, or for existing technologies.

Tomorrow's power depends on today's innovation

August 09, 2016

In the search for carbon-free sources of energy to power the 21st century, more and more people are considering advanced nuclear reactors, and the potential they offer. As a nation, we must make a concerted effort to introduce new technologies into the nuclear arena. Other countries are already investing in the nuclear challenge to provide emission-free baseload electricity economically.