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Kids & Tech: Tips for Parents in the Digital Age

July 10, 2017

Technology is a huge part of modern life. Everyone’s got a smart phone or tablet, and it seems like internet access is never more than a click away. This is the environment in which your children are growing up and one that most parents just aren’t sure how to deal with quite yet. Fortunately, you don’t have to be terrified of raising your child in the digital age.

Rural Americans Disproportionately Lack Access to Broadband, Says Small Business Committee

July 09, 2017

Among rural Americans, 39 percent lack access to high speed internet compared to only 4 percent of urban Americans who lack access, said Rep. Rod Blum, R-Iowa, at a hearing Thursday on Capitol Hill. He said more needs to be done to get rural Americans service on par with urban Americans.

Three lucrative STEM jobs that require 2 years of college at most

July 09, 2017

What do the following jobs have in common? Mechatronics technician, Surgical technologist, Car mechanic or technician. They are potentially lucrative careers with solid job outlooks -- and the highest level of education required is an associate’s degree, only two years of college. Plus, they often are overlooked as job possibilities.

Teen girls' interest in STEM careers continues to lag boys' interest

July 09, 2017

The worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics aren’t just for boys. But, according to new research conducted for Junior Achievement, a national non-profit that teaches students about financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship, only 11 percent of teen girls ages 13-17 are drawn to non-medical STEM careers versus 36 percent of boys.