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Google, Facebook quietly move toward automatic blocking of extremist videos

June 27, 2016

Some of the web’s biggest destinations for watching videos have quietly started using automation to remove extremist content from their sites, according to two people familiar with the process.The move is a major step forward for internet companies that are eager to eradicate violent propaganda from their sites and are under pressure to do so from governments around the world...

100 Black Men and GM STEM Promoting STEM for Today’s Youth

June 27, 2016

In 2012-2013, black males accounted for only 8.7 percent of degrees in STEM, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. The 100 Black Men of America aim to change that statistic starting with their workshop geared towards middle and high school students. 100 Black Men of America is an organization dedicated to educating and empowering African American youth.

Promote STEM Learning Success With Virtual Reality in Education

June 26, 2016

Hands-on experiences are vital to introducing STEM concepts to students, but they can be difficult to regularly coordinate in the real world. Equipment needs to be set up for physics, electrical circuits or biology lab experiments, which eats into class time. It’s also not easy to give everyone a turn taking part in real-world tests in limited time frames.