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The Only Country Where It Is OK to Not Be Good at Math

June 02, 2016

Americans rank last in problem solving using technology. In the 1970s, the US had the most educated workforce in the world. Since 2000, the skills and knowledge of US high-school graduates have stagnated while those of other countries have increased rapidly. That failure to adapt means global employers can get cheaper, better educated labor in many other countries.

Will Senate COMPETES bill narrow partisan gap in Congress over U.S. research policy?

June 02, 2016

As a conservative Republican from the West and a liberal Democrat from the Midwest, senators Cory Gardner (R–CO) and Gary Peters (D–MI) are separated by geography and ideology. But they see eye-to-eye on the need for the federal government to strengthen its support of basic research. In the next few weeks, the U.S.

UTPB STEM Academy students show engineering skills in boat races

June 01, 2016

About 120 fifth- through seventh-grade students participated in what was dubbed the First Annual UTPB STEM Academy’s Cardboard Boat Races. The challenge was to make a boat capable of holding two people that could be paddled across the pool. Middle school math teacher Candi Sikes said 29 teams were involved with an average of four students per team.

A nation of Peter Pans: We have created a country filled with perpetual children

June 01, 2016

According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, men and women between the ages of 18 and 34 are now more likely to be living with their parents than living on their own or in any other living situation [such as sharing an apartment]. This is the first time in American history that young people -- 32.1 percent of millennials -- have been most likely to live with their parents.

Technology in the classroom changes teaching

June 01, 2016

“Now everything is media driven,” said White. “Most kids love media.” And that's why he is excited about his project: Google Classroom. He teaches world history and world geography at Waccamaw High. His classroom is the only one in the district using the Google platform along with Chromebook computers and he said it's changing the way they interact with the teacher and each other.