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10 STEM Robotics Kits That Your Kid (Toddler To Teen) Will Absolutely Enjoy

June 14, 2016

Who said learning STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) had to be boring? With the emerging trend of getting kids involved in STEM at an early age, a number of startups have introduced robots that explore STEM concepts through play. Here are ten STEM robotics kits that your kid (toddler to teen) will absolutely enjoy.

Reach for the sky: Cache Maker girls launch micro-satellite

June 14, 2016

“This whole project was to introduce the girls to a fun hands-on STEM project,” Reeve said. “They’ve learned everything from electronics to computer programming. They built direction-finding antennas so we can track the balloon, they programmed, they learned about the sensors -- we’re flying about a dozen different sensors. They’ll analyze the data once it comes back down.”

The 9 Rules Of Innovation

June 13, 2016

Take a slightly broader view and it becomes clear that innovation today goes far beyond research labs, Silicon Valley pitch meetings and large corporate initiatives. We all have something to offer and can add to the world’s knowledge in a way that may differ in degree, but not in kind, to the giants of the past.