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Students Receiving Merit-Based Aid Less Likely to Graduate With a STEM Degree

February 29, 2016

Merit aid based scholarships are designed to give students a shot at a college education, but interestingly, a byproduct of that help is less interest on the part of recipients pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, according to researchers at Georgia State University and Oklahoma State University.

Engaging America’s Youth in STEM through Hands-on Experiences in Labs and Communities Across America

February 28, 2016

This week, the White House will launch a National Week at the Labs in coordination with the White House Council on Women and Girls (CWG) and the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Task Force to bring together scientists, engineers, and lab workers to inspire students as they spend the day performing experiments and participating in STEM mentoring sessions.

Groundbreaking ITIF Study Reveals Demographic Traits of U.S. Innovators

February 26, 2016

To paint a detailed portrait of who contributes most to technological innovation in America, ITIF conducted an in-depth survey, gathering responses from more than 900 individuals who have won prestigious awards for their creations or have applied for international patents likely to have significant economic impact. The study found that the demographics of U.S.