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MIT President Emerita Susan Hockfield: Kindergarten Is Critical

May 16, 2016

You might not expect the first female president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to be focused on kindergarten, but that is exactly where Susan Hockfield thinks STEM education needs to start. "We can't wait until college to encourage young people to pursue STEM," Hockfield says. "You have to start very early, like in kindergarten, and increase the exposure, increase the enthusiasm.

Technological Innovation Seen as Essential to Spur Growth in U.S. Manufacturing

May 16, 2016

Manufacturing may be facing some headwinds, but it’s undeniably in the midst of a technological renaissance that is transforming the look, systems, and processes of the modern factory. Despite the risks -- and despite recent history -- industrial manufacturing companies cannot afford to ignore these advances.

What the Most Powerful Female Tech Entrepreneur in France Is Bringing to the U.S.

May 15, 2016

At the Women in Innovation Forum in New York (WIN), Marie Claire partnered up with host and French tech entrepreneur, Catherine Barba. After founding WIN in Paris, Barba recently brought the annual conference to the United States -- where she has since moved -- to further women's upward mobility in the male-dominated tech industry.