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Massive Global Benefit. Waves of Dislocation and Challenge. Time to #AskAboutAI.

July 19, 2017

Image technologies that will reduce drudgery, help to cure disease, make transportation cheaper and safer, and make energy more efficient. Artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies are making all of that possible and more. But a world of benefit will come at a steep price. There will be waves of job loss (different by sector and geography) and growing income inequality.

By 2025, Swarms of Self-Driving Vehicles Will Transport Students to Learning Sites

July 19, 2017

The modern American conception of school–big centralized facilities with start times that seem way too early or way too late-is driven by yellow buses. Districts need to get three or four cycles out of each bus each morning and evening to get utilization rates high enough to keep transportation affordable. The transportation tail is wagging the dog.

A 'spectacular' trend is transforming the world's second largest economy, Stephen Roach says

July 18, 2017

China's economy is a lot more resilient than the West thinks, according to one of Wall Street's most distinguished voices on the region. Stephen Roach, who was chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, believes the world's second largest economy is on the cusp of an even bigger growth spurt -- thanks to new technological advances and a booming consumer.