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NASA's next Mars rover will 'seek the signs of life' on red planet

July 18, 2016

The rover's main job will be to "seek the signs of life" and try to answer the question of whether or not we're alone, Kenneth Farley, a project scientist on the Mars 2020 team, said. Mars today is very different than it was over 3.5 billion years ago, a time when the planet was warmer and wetter and thus more conducive for life, so the new project will focus on studying that era.

Top 10 states for software jobs

July 17, 2016

While every state is directly affected by the software industry, here are the top 10 states where software's having the greatest impact based on direct contribution to GDP, direct number of software jobs created and total number of software, software-related and software-adjacent jobs created.

FCC Gives U.S. Companies a Leg Up in 5G Development

July 17, 2016

The FCC voted unanimously on a final rule to allow mobile broadband to use high frequency airwaves that were previously deemed untenable for wireless. Engineers and wireless companies have since identified these high spectrum bands as a good resource to beef up their networks. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler called it “one of, if not the most important, decisions” the agency will make in 2016.

Chinese businessman sentenced in military contractor hack

July 15, 2016

Fifty-one-year-old Su Bin, owner of Chinese aviation firm Lode-Tech, was sentenced to 46 months in prison for his part in a conspiracy to sell military technical data stolen from U.S. defense firms to state-owned companies in China, according to the Justice Department. Su, a citizen of the People's Republic of China, was sentenced July 13 in a federal court in California.

A look at 'Pokemon Go' and how it works

July 14, 2016

"Pokemon Go" is a free game app that you can download for your iOS or Android smartphone. The game asks players to wander their real-world neighborhoods on the hunt for the animated monsters made famous years ago by cartoons, video games and trading cards. Players build their collections, make their Pokemon more powerful and do battle with those held by other players.

NSF grant funds study of classroom algebra instruction

July 14, 2016

Two Maricopa Community Colleges will be part of a three-year, $2.3 million research grant from the National Science Foundation to study how algebra is being taught at community colleges. "We will be looking at the relationship between math instructors, students and the math itself," said Glendale Community College math faculty Laura Watkins, the grant's principal investigator.