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Sensational, But Wrong: How Piketty & Co. Overstate Inequality in America

March 06, 2018

Many pundits argue the biggest problem facing America today is income inequality. But the important question is, how much is this disparity growing? If inequality is growing at a massive rate--with the wealthy getting virtually all the gains of a growing economy--then policies aimed at simply “growing the pie” are unlikely to be successful.

Russia Claims It Now Has Lasers To Shoot Satellites

March 05, 2018

Independent and Western observers have not yet verified the claim. But the Russian program does exist. Last April, Almaz-Antey general designer Pavel Sozinov told Russian news agency Ria Novosti that Russian leadership had ordered the company to develop weapons that could interfere electronically with or achieve “direct functional destruction of those elements deployed in orbit.”

The New Arms Race in AI

March 05, 2018

Four years ago, planners at the Pentagon reviewed estimates of China’s growing military investments with what one called a “palpable sense of alarm.” China, the planners determined, was making advances that would erode America’s military might--its ability to project power far from its shores. [wsj subscription required]

Building a career ready workforce

March 04, 2018

Our educational institutions struggle to change at the same pace as technology, creating a gap between the skill sets required for today’s economy and the skills sets acquired in our learning institutions. An excellent point made by Daggett is that it is not that schools are failing it is that they are not keeping up with change.

STEM jobs for the masses

March 04, 2018

To make it in today’s economy, workers must have skills that employers value. With technology seemingly ubiquitous in virtually every field today, advanced degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) would appear to be the hottest demand.