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U.S. institutions awarded most doctorates ever recorded in 2014

April 04, 2016

The U.S. doctoral education system is widely considered to be among the world's best, attracting many top foreign students. Other nations, however, recognize the economic contributions of doctoral recipients, and are investing heavily in education. Without continued investment and improvement, the U.S. doctoral education system's preeminence is not guaranteed.

A Health Hack Wake-Up Call

April 03, 2016

U.S. hospitals appear to be under a new type of IT hacking attack: crypto-ransomware. Hackers have changed their approach and instead of stealing patient data, they are now locking down the computer systems of hospitals and asking for a ransom, in bitcoin, in order to allow hospitals to have access to their own computers.

Girls and Women in STEM: Enough About the Problems, How About Some Possible Solutions?

April 03, 2016

I do not disagree with those who speak about the disparities or the need to empower girls and women in STEM. I applaud companies that acknowledge the issue and those that resolve to address it. I think we need to be transparent and honest to move forward. But, I think we need to talk more about how to move forward. Share what’s worked, even on a small scale.

Study Big Data Through Online Learning

April 03, 2016

As technology advances and more and more data ​are collected and used each day to drive business decisions and strategies, there's an increasing demand for employees who are educated in this area, says Daphne Koller, president and co-founder of Coursera, a major provider of massive open online courses, or MOOCs. With this growing demand for talent, the U.S.

5 principles for rigorous technology evaluation

April 01, 2016

A new policy proposal notes that while education technology holds great promise to improve K-12 educational outcomes when correctly implemented, methods to rigorously evaluate education technology tools have not kept pace with the tools themselves. This cycle makes it difficult for educators to find and select the best ed-tech tools, and it creates barriers to instruction...