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AAAS CEO Comments on the U.S. Presidential Election Outcome

November 14, 2016

“The next science adviser will need to be integrated at the earliest possible stage into the administration’s decision-making process,” Holt said, “not just on topics with an obvious science connection such as infectious-disease response, but on matters concerning diplomacy, cyber-security, agriculture and advanced manufacturing as well as resilient infrastructure, which also relate to science

Trump promises to bring back manufacturing jobs, but robots won’t let him

November 13, 2016

For Americans struggling with stagnant wages, under- or un-employment, one of Donald Trump's most appealing campaign promises was to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. Navigating the complexities of policy, tariffs and geopolitics would make that hard enough already for the president elect. But technology will make this promise nearly impossible to fulfill. Why?

The STEM Pipeline

November 13, 2016

According to Gottfried, traditional courses may not be right for students with learning disabilities, but not because they aren’t capable of doing the math or science. “If a learning disability makes it difficult to grasp the abstract nature of AP Calculus in class, maybe taking an applied engineering course can make other connections more feasible...

Facebook is once again putting the US$41 billion computer network industry to shame

November 10, 2016

The new innovation, revealed on Tuesday, is something called Backpack and it’s a second-generation computer switch, the successor to the one it released last year called the 6-Pack that directly challenged tech made by market leader Cisco (and others, like Juniper). The difference is, the Backpack is way, way faster.

Bias holds US back when it comes to innovation, ingenuity

November 10, 2016

Case, who spoke on the topic at the recent TEDx mid-Atlantic conference in Washington, D.C., says the reason money is not going to minority groups boils down to one thing: unconscious bias, or the act of unintentionally gravitating to those most like us. “People that we’re most familiar [with], who are similar to us, are often those we feel most comfortable with,” Case told WTOP.