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This Technology Could Help Us Build Huge Structures in Space

May 22, 2017

The nascent off-Earth manufacturing industry is getting set to take its next big steps. Made In Space, the California-based company that owns and operates the commercial 3-D printer aboard the International Space Station (ISS), is developing new technology, called Archinaut, that's designed to enable the assembly of large structures in the final frontier.

The 'Googlification' of America's classrooms - and what it means for your schools

May 21, 2017

Google’s dominance as a global search engine and device-maker is well-known to everyone who uses a laptop or a smartphone -- and even those who don’t. And its foray into other industries like self-driving cars, drones, and scientific research shows the company isn’t afraid to move into new verticals. One of those verticals is K12 education.