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Tomorrow's power depends on today's innovation

August 09, 2016

In the search for carbon-free sources of energy to power the 21st century, more and more people are considering advanced nuclear reactors, and the potential they offer. As a nation, we must make a concerted effort to introduce new technologies into the nuclear arena. Other countries are already investing in the nuclear challenge to provide emission-free baseload electricity economically.

Obama prepares to boost U.S. military's cyber role

August 09, 2016

The Obama administration is preparing to elevate the stature of the Pentagon’s Cyber Command, signaling more emphasis on developing cyber weapons to deter attacks, punish intruders into U.S. networks and tackle adversaries such as Islamic State, current and former officials told Reuters. Under the plan being considered at the White House, the officials said, U.S.

Stealing payment card data and PINs from POS systems is dead easy

August 08, 2016

Many of the large payment card breaches that hit retail and hospitality businesses in recent years were the result of attackers infecting point-of-sale systems with memory-scraping malware. But there are easier ways to steal this sort of data, due to a lack of authentication and encryption between card readers and the POS payment applications.