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PNNL among recipients of $82 million for nuclear energy research

June 15, 2016

U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has announced $82 million for nuclear energy projects, including at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, as part of the government’s plan to reduce carbon emissions. Moniz said Tuesday that the 93 research projects in 28 states will help scientists innovate with nuclear technologies that can eventually enter the commercial market.

National Science Foundation Director France Cordova On Scientific Innovation

June 15, 2016

We always have to make our case because the taxpayers' funding the national science foundation, and congress appropriates our money, so we are continually making our case that funding basic research is very important for the vitality, the health of the economy, and for our security and our health, to keep us a leader among nations.

10 STEM Robotics Kits That Your Kid (Toddler To Teen) Will Absolutely Enjoy

June 14, 2016

Who said learning STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) had to be boring? With the emerging trend of getting kids involved in STEM at an early age, a number of startups have introduced robots that explore STEM concepts through play. Here are ten STEM robotics kits that your kid (toddler to teen) will absolutely enjoy.