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STEM Programs That Will Attract Kids to Science and Engineering Careers

November 02, 2016

Genetic engineering has become a core of the society affecting billions of people every day. However, students get exposed to it in a university or in advanced projects which show that even before they get into it, they already made a choice. On the other hand, if kids are exposed to it early on, their interest in engineering and science will expand more.

Computer Science/STEM Leaders Explain How to Spark and Nurture STEM Interest in Youth

November 02, 2016

The future demands a large, diverse pool of innovative scientists, engineers and mathematicians who can work together to solve big problems. The working scientists who lead SC16, the premier international conference showcasing high performance computing coming up this November, envision and advocate for a future talent pool that looks far larger and more diverse.

Worried about China, the US pushes for homegrown chip development

November 02, 2016

The world's fastest computer runs a Chinese chip, and that fact hasn't escaped notice by the U.S. government. So how does the U.S. government bludgeon the Chinese chip threat? A new U.S. government working group aims to encourage domestic companies to use homegrown chip technology and resist the urge to buy inexpensive Chinese semiconductors.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Help Fight the Zika Virus Through Science Breakthrough Study

November 01, 2016

Scientists aim to free millions of Zika bacteria-infected mosquitoes in Brazil and Colombia. This bacteria decreases the mosquitoes' ability to spread viruses. The bacteria named Wolbachia will be injected to the mosquitoes, that is responsible for removing their capacity to pass on viruses to humans.

STEM Gender Gap: See How Kindergarten Teachers Play a Vital Role

November 01, 2016

Underestimating girls where most boys excel contribute in less females getting involved in STEM related fields. Children who are expected to do well in a specific area are more likely to succeed in the field. Oftentimes, kindergarten teachers are found guilty of this STEM gender discrimination. It's not that it's done intentionally but cultural beliefs just dictate it.