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How the Defense Innovation Initiative can help deter a “space Pearl Harbor”

April 05, 2016

Having specific, big goals can guide commercial innovation and technologies in dealing with current and future threats under tight defense budgets. Deterring a space Pearl Harbor can serve as such a goal. At the same time, DII can provide access to the commercial innovation and technologies that this deterrence needs.

Number of new math and science teachers declining in California

April 05, 2016

“The teacher supply issue that California is experiencing is definitely not limited to California,” said Joshua Speaks, legislative representative with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. “Other states are struggling to get enough teachers in the classroom. It extends through almost all disciplines. The supply problem is most acute in math and science.”

In MIT talk, U.S. Patent Office director Michelle Lee announces new initiatives for public data use

April 04, 2016

Michelle K. Lee, under secretary of commerce for intellectual property and director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), announced new initiatives that should provide easier access to troves of useful patent data, during a day-long visit to MIT on March 31st.

U.S. institutions awarded most doctorates ever recorded in 2014

April 04, 2016

The U.S. doctoral education system is widely considered to be among the world's best, attracting many top foreign students. Other nations, however, recognize the economic contributions of doctoral recipients, and are investing heavily in education. Without continued investment and improvement, the U.S. doctoral education system's preeminence is not guaranteed.