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Minecraft: Education Edition A Huge Hit In Schools

November 08, 2016

Microsoft hoped to have a full and ready release of Minecraft: Education Edition before school started but it missed their target date by a few months. Now, the company is happy to release the ready version, cites . It has fully landed in classrooms for Windows 10 and Mac OS platforms. Teachers can build worlds that can be related to whatever they are teaching in class.

Model Rockets And STEM Education, Why America Could Lose The Space Race

November 08, 2016

China just launched its Long March-5 heavy rocket into orbit in the country’s latest step on a path to establishing a manned space station and building a lunar base on the surface of the moon. Despite Beijing’s push into orbit, China is still playing catch up with the United States, but America could wind up losing the space race if it can’t recommit to STEM education and funding NASA.

US web speeds soar, however nonetheless lag worldwide

November 07, 2016

Ookla’s newest Speedtest.internet report for the US is in, and it’s bought some excellent news: web speeds have grow to be noticeably sooner. Broadband clients throughout the US at the moment are seeing common speeds over 50Mps down for the primary time -- particularly, 54.97Mbps, a 40 p.c enhance over this time a 12 months in the past, whereas add speeds jumped 51 p.c to 18.88Mbps.

Battling gender bias in IT

November 07, 2016

Computer programming was once viewed as “women’s work.” Many of the people who programmed the first computers were women. As recently as 1983 and 1984, women represented 37 percent of computer science majors in undergraduate degree programs. But the numbers plunged with the introduction of the personal computer, which was marketed as a toy for boys.

U.S. aims to create 48 national EV charging corridors, across 25K miles of highway

November 07, 2016

The Obama administration announced on Thursday that it will create 48 national charging corridors for electric vehicles, covering off 25,000 miles of U.S. highways running through 35 states. The initiative will include a partnership between 28 states, local utilities, EV charging companies and car makers GM, BMW and Nissan.