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3 Reasons Why Studying STEM is Cool

September 27, 2016

STEM curriculum concentrates on four main areas of study: science, technology, engineering and math. Coursework is integrated and interdisciplinary. So rather than address each subject separately, courses bring these disciplines together for a cohesive learning experience. Science and math often get characterized as dull, dry subjects, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

NASA sees evidence of water vapor plumes shooting out of Europa

September 27, 2016

Water vapor plumes estimated to be as tall as 125 miles are possibly erupting into space from the surface of Europa, a moon around Jupiter, NASA announced on Monday. The source of these potential plumes-- scientists haven't proven that they definitively exist yet-- is thought to be an enormous ocean beneath the icy surface of Europa, and that ocean, in turn, could possibly harbor life.

From Teaching Robots to Intelligent Tutor Systems, AI is Changing Education

September 26, 2016

While many K-12 schools and universities have been slow to adopt existing AI technology due to funding concerns and general fears about being early adopters of new technology that may prove to be unsuccessful, the report says that over the next 15 years in a typical North American city, the use of intelligent tutor systems (ITS) and other AI technologies to assist teachers in the classroom and

Adding digital skills to the 3 R's in your child’s education

September 25, 2016

The use of video editing software is just one among many digital skills that children are learning both in school and at home. While shooting music videos at home can be fun, parents need to think about what type of digital skills their children will need to succeed in the future. Fortunately, the International Society for Technology in Education has already been thinking about this issue.