Institutions of higher education, the major source of the nation's scientists and engineers, perform about one-half of the nation's basic research.

The sourcebook is intended as a useful resource for all who have a stake in creating STEM solutions for US society.

"Math is the key to many of these majors where women are underrepresented," said Donna Ginther, University of Kansas professor of economics and director of KU's Center for Science, Technology & Economic Policy at the Institute for Policy & Social Research.

Information and communications technology (ICT) has driven productivity growth over the past two decades in the developed world, and has been a major facilitator of growth in developing countries as well.

The Council on Competitiveness has released a new report that explores the value of government leadership in supercomputing for industrial competitiveness.

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State STEM Report Cards 2014

State STEM 2014 (R&D STEM & Data) Report cards to help illustrate the importance of scientific research to state and local economies, job growth, innovation, our standard of living, and national security.

One highlight of this work is a feature which ranks states according to a variety of indices provided by U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, TechAmerica, The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, and several other organizations which track specific trends in this area.

Please feel free to share these Reports with your elected representatives as well.

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