Rapid developments are in play in areas as diverse as 3D printing, Ultra HD, sensors, health care, automotive electronics, agriculture, transportation, biotech and genetic mapping.

U.S. trade policy has devolved into a fight between pure free traders and protectionists. It’s a distracting struggle because it diverts attention from the most important trade policy issue today: robust enforcement.

Report to the President and Congress on The Fifth Assessment of The National Nanotechnology Initiative.

America’s future potential for growth, innovation, and opportunity largely depends on the policy frameworks that we adopt.

Boys Are Much More Likely To Take On Leadership Roles In Science And Math Class, Say Teachers.

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Evidence That There is a
Significant STEM Workforce Shortage

A Panel Presentation to the
Armed Forces Communications &
Electronics Association (AFCEA)

Critical Issues Symposium 2014

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SPIE leaders delighted with photonics manufacturing institute announcement by White House

SPIE leadership and researchers in photonics-related industries reacted enthusiastically to the news from the Obama Administration committing more than $200 million in public and private investment to create an Integrated Photonics Manufacturing Institute.


Blissfully Unaware of Washington's Dangers

ASTRA Executive Director Dr. Robert Boege welcomes ASTRA / NGY Innovation Fellow Anabel Diaz, a senior at Muhlenberg College, on her first day of work.  By chance, the Spinosaurus Press Conference at the National Geographic Headquarters in D.C. was also taking place.

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