Next 10's Green Innovation Index, International Edition charts country GDP, emissions, energy productivity, renewable energy generation, clean tech investments and other key metrics.

This report lays out twelve concrete steps Congress can take in 2015 to accelerate data innovation in the United States.

A college degree is worth at least $1 million throughout a career. But with some degrees – particularly those in STEM, business and health fields – the economic return is much greater.

Cities are using existing technology initiatives to make data more accessible, according to a recent IBM study.

Why declining investment in basic research threatens a U.S. innovation deficit. A report by the MIT committee to evaluate the innovation deficit.

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STEM / STEAM in ACTION: Hill Blastoff! Event a Smashing Success

Blastoff! showcased leading STEM and STEAM experts from key STEM Science Agencies, including the White House, NASA, the Dept. of Commerce, the USDA, and leading companies from within Maryland’s 4th Congressional District. More than 320 STEM students from various high schools and middle schools from Prince Georges County, MD participated in the event. The Global NetGeneration of Youth were inspired by role models who recounted their personal stories on how they pursued STEM career paths and overcame obstacles to become global STEM leaders.

Left: Ms. L. Latéy Bradford (University of Maryland School of Medicine)  Topic:  Pre-College Challenges to Finding and Forming STEAM talent Ms. Bradford took time to explain that success is more than just scoring well on a test; it takes hard work, dedication and courage to explore your passion….even when your friends go a different way.  ...  "I didn't always succeed because I was the best, but because I worked hard and made great decisions"

Right: ASTRA Executive Director Dr. Robert Boege, right, joins in support of Blastoff! event with Dr. Rodney J. Petersen — Lead, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) at the National Institute of Standards & Technology, U.S Department of Commerce (center) and Mr. John Ceschini, Executive of Director of Arts Integration for the Prince Georges County Public Schools on April 28.

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